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Aquarius: Your Love Quality

Forming a Single Mixture

Remember how Superman always went to his Ice Cave whenever he needed to recuperate and recharge, he understood where the source of his power came from, and once he was there, he surrendered completely to it's knowledge and regenerative powers.

As an Aquarius, you are at this level of development, where you are able to quiet the mind and enter a meditative state, recharging and recuperating, but more importantly accessing ideas and solutions to your everyday problems, and aligning yourself with the Cosmic forces.

Once this practice is firmly established, when concentration becomes easy, and all distractions are held in check, you can enter this state with a higher purpose, to align yourself with the Cosmic forces.

Alignment with the Cosmic forces causes the separatist levels of consciousness to be united on a higher level, raising and transforming your sense of self into the Unity of the One.

Vibrating with this One gives you the New Age abilities this world so desperately needs, an open heart. And as you begin to demonstrate this new attitude in your day to day life, by seeing an aspect of the divine in every living thing, and affecting every fellow human being, so too do you become identified with the intelligence we call Nature.

As this life power in nature raises the level of cell consciousness within you, and you begin to see the true fluidic substance of all forms, so too does the concept of the Unity of All deepen.

At this stage, freedom from separative consciousness is still a goal but meditative practices bring more light and the transformative patterns are at work building and deepening your concept of the Brotherhood of Man through your heart.

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