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Esoteric Astrology Aries

Aries: Your Love Quality

Seeing with Imagination.

Remember the super-vision that superman had, the ability to see through walls and obstacles, and burn through negative influences by "seeing into" them the outcome that he wanted. It was a good thing he had love in his heart or he could have wrecked havoc.

As an Aries you have your psychic energy focused in the head, but more particularly in the eyes. When the focus of energy is radiating from the eyes, there is a tendency to believe what you see and only see what you believe. And because of the concentration that is needed to hold this visual power, there is an imbalance with letting go. Letting go allows you to see another perspective, thereby balancing the self centered perspective that this power gives.

When your personal biases are pointed out, and you are forced to include another's perspective, there results a new consciousness - a momentary glimpse of another's perspective that lifts your center of attention into loftier realms - a fully awakened enlightened vision, with perfect control.

Esoterically Aries means Reason. But pure reason is not a personal quality, it is a super-personal sense. Reason is seeing with the eyes of the imagination. When imagination begins to balance the two fiery electric bodies, the head (Mars in Aries) and the heart (Sun exalted), by raising the heart energy into the head, the thoughts and emotions are transformed into clear reason, and your vision is changed to see the True world as it really is - full of radiant beauty.

Your mission in life, if you choose to accept it, (and that's why you are here on earth) is to learn to balance all facets of your personality. To become the ruler over your own thoughts and emotions, by purifying your sense of self in order to allow imagination to see through your eyes. This gives the ability to see into reality that which you choose to foresee, so that you can give Royal Birth to your true self - pure Reason, in action.

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