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Aries: Your Key To Happiness

Pure Reason: - your ultimate goal.

Pure Reason is: - the mind purified of all personal motive, and for an Aries, that is a difficult task - for the energy ruling Aries is felt as purely personal.

Mars - your ruling planet

Like all planets, Mars has a dual quality.
The first quality is that it creates the sense of separateness which causes all action to be personally motivated, and its ultimate result is conflict and destruction - because all true creation is destruction. (for something must change for creation to occur).
The second quality is the hope that the sense of isolation and separateness that results, will cause a turning inward, (the second quality). Here the force can be used for personal transformation, resulting in uniting with pure Reason, when all your actions are guided by a purpose higher than self-love.

The Sun - your motivation.

The Sun, as the next fire sign also has a dual quality in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.
The first quality influences you "to be" someone, to express your talents, and to develop your ego in a way that you can easily measure.
Its' second quality and 'true' potential is the level of humanity consciousness, where you can care more for others than yourself.

Jupiter - your good fortune.

Jupiter , the following fire sign ruler magnifies all of your propensities. Its dual influence causes expansion both physically and spiritually.
Its' beneficial influence expended merely physically can lead to excesses of all kinds - riches, gluttony, obesity - all contributing more to your 'devil may care' attitude.
Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a sense of gratitude and beneficence. This allows you to share what you have, with others, and thus make all of your self-serving actions blessed.

Exalted Planets:

The Sun exalted in Aries : When the Sun energy, (what you want 'to be'; Leo; humanity consciousness.) from the heart is raised to the head (Who you need to become; I am; sense of separate identity; Aries ruler of the head) by the use of the Mars (drive, sexual energy,), motivated by the Jupiter energy (beneficence and compassion, cosmic memory) there results the birth of a new awareness - a kind of 'thinking' from the heart in all your actions - a life dedicated to letting the Higher Self shine through - Pure Reason, 'being You'!

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