Bird Noise & Mental Health

Bird noise Causes Mental Health Problems.

Crows, correspond to Selfishness.

All birds correspond spiritually to our thoughts; songbirds, to thoughts of love; eagles, to spiritual thoughts; crows and ravens to selfish thoughts, our falsity, as our mind-chatter. The noise of crows, when they squawk for humans to feed them, is contributing to our mental health problems for the last twenty years. When humans feed the crows, it is causing the bird population to go out of balance, and affecting humans at an unconscious negative way, causing excessive mind-chatter, the result of having no regard for our neighbor - who probably now dislike us for causing such noise and mess; thereby our own selfishness, as our inability to love thy neighbor, and unaware of how our actions may affect others, leads to our own isolation and loneliness.

Stop feeding the Crows and Improve your Mental Health.

Feeding the Crows, Seagulls, and Pigeons has become the new lost-soul syndrome, a dreadful state for humanity/animal interaction. People who feed the big birds should be fined for littering or made to donate their peanut money to charity. We need to learn to love birds, without feeding or caging them.

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The spiritual correspondence of us resisting feeding the crows ourselves, strengthens our ability to control our own negative mind-chatter, and thereby, able to "love thy neighbor. We can then influence the collective negative mind-chatter of humanity, by improving our sound environment by first starting with our selfish human/animal interactions with the crows. This is the way to go - we help to educate others about the spiritual correspondence, and soon others will recognize that they are being inconsiderate of their neighbor, and as a result picking up their thoughts of hate, and making them their own. Things only begin to improve for ourselves, when we each battle our own "inner crow" of selfishness. Feeding the crows, represents the false assumption that nature will not supply for our needs; thus, we too end up learning to beg and steal. Imagine the sound of a crow squawking causing someone to post an angry tweet - this is how the spirit world works.

I have an unique perspective, in that I was born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and have lived in the West End for 45 years. I write about spiritual subjects from home, and I have always been able to meditate and have brief naps in the afternoon everyday all of my life, but not anymore; the last six years, particularly the last three, was the beginning of major construction in Vancouver's West End. The flag persons and construction crews also started feeding the birds the moment they broke ground, and they continued to feed them over the next three-years, doubling and tripling the population of the birds. Yet, the squawking continues long after the flag persons leave for the day. The birds then stay with the building after the construction is complete. The value of buildings with birds hanging around are always worth less then their equivalent; and this goes for rentals as well, especially if you are woken up everyday at 5:30 AM by the crows calling. I heard a child the other day, its first two words spoken were "caw caw."

seagulls waiting to move into 1751 pendrell, vancouverWhen the birds have been raised on poisonous hydrogenated peanuts and white bread, they squawk late into the night for people to feed them more crap food. They have not learned to hunt for real food themselves, otherwise, they would be at the beach, where there is an abundance of high protein food on the shoreline.

The increasing bird noise in the city is causing sleepless nights and way too early morning wake-up calls, even for the homeless, by the birds fighting for food. The bird noise makes the children cry and then suddenly there are windows slamming, dogs barking, and car alarms going off. The people feeding the birds are oblivious to noise; their mind-chatter must be too loud to hear anything.

I like to remind people that do not actually live here but come into our neighborhood to feed the birds, that every building has a no bird-feeding bylaw. By-laws are put in place to make people show respect for their neighbor. Although, the pet friendly buildings appear to let their tenants feed the birds, they should be stopped. Thirty years ago, the city of Vancouver began to have all of the garbage bins locked to keep the birds out - yet, now we think it was to keep the homeless out - but it was not. Follow the sound of the crows and seagulls and you will find some lonely person secretly feeding them. When the crows squawk, they are talking about who is feeding them, and where. If you could see the thoughts of someone who feeds the crows, you would understand why it is contributing to their mental health crisis.

The Truth Test for all Love Relationships:

It is so disheartening to see someone feeding the crows, but then have them deny it and lie. Therefore, I created a test to determine if someone can be trusted. Ask your boss, employee, or someone whom you are going out with, if they feed the crows. However, ask them in such a way that if they are feeding the crows, they will tell you, even if you have to feed the crows to test the honesty of the person you love. Here is the fun part: since it will be you screwing them, you must be the one that determines how to ask them in a way that gets the truth. Remember, crow feeders have had years of hiding their selfishness and dishonesty. Do not believe them if they say "no," but watch them until they earn your trust. People, who feed the crows secretly, are sure break-up material - run away - unless you are a feeder too. If your mother is a "bag lady" feeding the birds, get her help fast.

Please help fix this problem of selfishness: Please report someone throwing food out of their high rise windows; report the construction companies too. It is the only way they will learn to be respectful of the neighborhood. Hold companies accountable for the damage they do to birds by not having a good no bird-feeding policy. Call 311 - be as sneaky as the crows, and report anonymously. Stop the background squawking taking place in everyone's sensitive mind. We want to become spiritual, but that cannot be done by breaking by-laws, which are laws that teach us to respect our "neighbor" This bird feeding is a new phenomenon, which requires education, just as leashes and picking up after your dogs used to be.

Canada Postal Carriers Feeding the Birds

postal carriers feeding the birds, vancouverOur Canada postal carriers in Vancouver B.C. are the worst bird-feeding offender. Perhaps all across North America. Our postal carrier spends an hour in front of our building, smoking and feeding the crows and seagulls, talking out loud to the birds and causing a lot of noise by the birds squawking and screaming. Our carrier has trained the crows to attack her, by holding food in her closed fist in front of her head, so she can say they are attacking her. (Canada Post allows their carriers to feed the birds if they attack them) The dishonesty is profound, considering the trust we put in Canada Post. Our own carrier feeds the birds everywhere in the West End of Vancouver; if you see a "do not feed the birds sign" in the West End it is because they are fed up with them, but can't stop them. The neighborhood has complained about them for years, but nothing is done. Human food, and wild animals do not mix, they just breed mice and rats, and attract raccoons and skunks, etc. Human food is not for birds. Urge your city council to implement a city-wide no bird-feeding policy. If you know of someone, who can make Canada Post enforce their by-law, and change to not allow their carriers to twist the by-law to suit their own purpose, please make the call. The head of Canada Post probably feeds them as well, and this could be the problem why they have ignored the requests from Hedy Fry's office in Vancouver's West End. Yet, they would make an additional 10% profit if they eliminated the time their carrier spend being distracted while driving and feeding the birds. Today, Jan 24th, another postal carrier in the block behind me was now also feeding the birds. Are they all feeding the birds? What it with this inconsiderate policy of not caring about the neighborhood, or the damage done to the roofs of all the buildings in the West End? We have a Provincial Wildlife Act, please obey it and quit feeding the birds!

postal carriers keeping crows as pets, vancouver
Ask Canada Post to Please Stop Feeding the Birds! - Report your Postal Carriers if they are feeding the Birds or ask them to stop.

We all know what birds sound like, so here is only a 30 sec. video of my Canada Postal carrier feeding the crows: After two years of asking our postal carrier to please stop feeding the birds, this video was taken Sunday, December 22, 2019 @ 1PM. (As of March 26, 2020 our Postal Carrier is still feeding the birds). I believe this human/animal interaction could lead to health problems for the world - perhaps the cause of the novel coronavirus?

In a recent video message about COVID-19, famed primatologist Jane Goodall warned that the close relationship between people and wild animals in these markets "has unleashed the terror and misery of new viruses."

Lobby for a no-bird- feeding policy in your City - Vancouver City Council, are you listening?

I see the huge increase in the number of people, and mostly Canada postal carriers, feeding the crows and seagulls. We need a province-wide no bird-feeding policy NOW. The fines would be good income for the cities, and the cleanup costs would be saved, as well as the toxic roasted peanut shells washing down our sewers would be eliminated. If all of the people feeding the crows (I think at least 20% of the population) can afford to buy roasted peanuts every day, that money could be paid in fines that could go to feed the poor who need the food. My neighbor used to throw over one hundred peanuts (a bag a day) out of her fourth floor window every days starting at 5AM, causing a rat problem for her building. In addition, by reducing the noise pollution it will help the mental health crisis. If you do not believe me, just ask someone who is feeding the crows to stop, and you will see their anger and hatred come out - Try it! But they still will not stop. This is exactly how the dog owners were with their dog crap on the streets of Vancouver, B.C. in the 1970's. Just as we have bike paths for bicycles, we need no-bird-feeding quiet zones for residences.
(Video of Canada Post Carrier feeding the birds. Sorry for the quality of the video, I am a senior and still have a flip phone).

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