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Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services

Regular, or, Esoteric Consulting

Esoteric Business Consulting: is an 'efficiency' analysis using numbers (in this case, street addresses, and incorporation dates, etc.), as a way to understand the hidden influences that effect your business. I offer practical suggestions to better reflect these energies - to create a clearer branding of your business concept.

Regular Business Consulting: is an 'efficiency' analysis using your financial statements, and projections - to help increase your business by 30%. I offer practical solutions that are inexpensive to implement, with measurable results.

Consulting Services

This 90 Minutes Business Analysis analyzes the Company Name, Incorporation Date, and Address. Whether your business is in the concept stage, fully operational, or about to expand, this analysis will help you feel more confident about the decisions you make. Recorded.($2. Per Minute thereafter). By appointment. In person or by telephone. (Requires 2 Hours preparation time.) Canadian Tax Receipt Issued by Request.
"Improve your business by 30% -or no charge!"
This Business Consulting session is useful before you invest, expand, renovate, or attempt to increase lagging profits. This consultation analyzes all other facets of your business, and offers solutions that are inexpensive to implement, with measurable results; these solutions can be design/product suggestions, efficiency improvements, or inventory controls, etc. ($120. CAD an hour). Contact me to see if I can improve your business by 30%.
Before you incorporate, choose a balanced corporate name for success. Please submit a couple of corporate names that you have been thinking of as examples. I work until I have two or three name suggestions, but because it is all done by hand, this is an estimated fee. Approximated Fee $200. CAD. ($120. hour thereafter)

Also see: Ongoing Business Consulting and Coaching Services

How to contact me.

To book an appointment, I prefer that you use the Business Appointment Page, so that the required information is in writing, and there can be no mistakes.

Please use the comments/questions area to submit the required information, and to let me know the days and times when you are available, or If you would like to talk to me, I will reply with my telephone number. Both the order form and the contact form goes directly to my email.

Before the actual Business Consultation I need the following:

  • Full Corporate Name, including 'Doing Business As' name. If you have not chosen a Business Name please consider having me prepare a Balanced Corporate Name.
  • Incorporation date and place of Incorporation - or other begriming date.
  • Complete address of where the business will operate, including mailing address if different.
  • A brief description of the type of business, product, and service you intend to sell, or would like to discuss during the consultation.
  • Your email address, and a telephone number in the event that I have to contact you.
  • For new clients, your payment is your confirmation. I accept all major credit cards, debit cards, using Pay Pal, as well as personal/business checks,and money orders. The payment must arrive before any preparation time begins.
  • For previous clients, in person, or by telephone, you may pay at the end of your consultation.

For a Balanced Corporate Name I need the following:

  • Several suggestions of the words you would like to have in your business name.
  • A brief description of the type of business, product, or service.

Types of Business Consulting Examples

I have consulted to many types of businesses, and have owned my own clothing stores, clothing manufacturer, and restaurant. I have imported and distributed construction products, and set-up and maintained many web sites. Then, when you add the fact that my hobbies were Astrology, Sacred Science, Metaphysics, and Numerology; 30 years of study, equivalent to three PHD's. My studies involved the knowledge of balancing energy, and creating conditions that make people feel comfortable in themselves and in their environment.

Following are some examples of how that knowledge can be used during a business analysis.

1) A nightclub wanted to expand their dance floor. My solution was to change the direction of one speaker by thirty degrees - which turned an unused area next to the dance floor, into the hottest, new, dancing area in the club.

2) A well known four-star restaurant owner, wanted me to re-do the restaurant interior (which had just been renovated one year earlier by someone else - and it was beautiful). The address, and incorporation numbers were all good, so I decided to sample the food and determined that it was the chef that needed changing; he didn't change, and the restaurant is still empty.

3) A high-end Restaurant located at a number five address (which needs to be very fast). installed a take-out window, and created the energy needed for the address, and made lots of extra money.

4) An investor, wanting to invest in an experimental hair re-growth technology (which was about to be listed on the stock market). The numerology in the name was all 'hype' and it would never make any money (despite hundreds of clients in clinical trials for a year, that swore it was working for them). Sure enough, two years later when the hair count came in, it was proven not to work at all (which could only have been known through numerology).

I have helped hundreds of clients transition from a personal Astrology reading to their own self-employment opportunity. Good financial projections and ongoing consulting can cure any self doubt.

~ Feel free to call me @ 604-331-0251 for a short chat, to determine if my consulting services could help increase your business by 30%.
by Clayten Tylor