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Cancer: Your Love Quality

Giving to others what you want in return.

Remember the super sensitivity that Superman had, it was a good thing that he didn't identify all those influences as coming from himself.

He knew he was separate from what he picked up through his senses. he learned to control his senses, turning them off or tuning into them when he needed them.

Your task as a Cancer is to learn to not identify with the thoughts and emotions you pick up. And the way to do this is to change your identification from personality to the Self.

To allow the higher self to rule over the hypnotic influence caused from your sensitivity When personality is purified from this identification with the personality level of consciousness and transfers the sense of self to a higher understanding of Self, will you be able to rule over your super sensitivity.


In order to do this, first we must accept that this level of personality, or the sense of separateness that is necessary to create personality is a phase in our spiritual development. Then from that level of understanding we can begin to distinguish the differences between the influences that bombard personality, and the influences that lead to our greater perfection - to distinguish spirit from body.

The focus that maintains this perception is through always remembering that we are a vehicle for the expression of Universal Will, and to purify our identification, to separate our self from the body, and to examine our actions from this perspective.

In this way you build a stronger receptivity to the Universal forces and are protected more and more from the collective forces which can cause deep insecurity and over emotionalism.

When the memory (Moon) has been cleared of this over identification with the body or personality, and a feeling of gratitude for the deep emotions of living (Jupiter exalted in Cancer) we can begin to give to others what we so desperately need ourselves - Love and Nurturing.

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