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Esoteric Cancer Esoteric Astrology Correspondence

Cancer: Your Key To Happiness

Pure Receptivity: - your ultimate goal..

Pure Receptivity is: - the mind purified of all personal motive and free to allow the higher self to take its rightful place as ruler over the senses - a state of consciousness where you no longer identify as personality. For a Cancer, that is a difficult task, for the energy that created and is ruling Cancer is perceived as merely personal.

Moon - your ruling planet

Like all planets, The Moon has a dual quality. The first quality is that it creates your personal memory of your sense of self, the feeling of separateness which causes all action to be personality centered, and its ultimate result is everything outside of this identification causes conflict within you, as it influences you from 'other' levels of consciousness - you are a receiving station for all levels of consciousness - super sensitive.

The second quality is the hope that the hypnotic influences that bombard your personality and the sense of isolation and separateness that results, will cause you to develop your sympathetic nature more fully and to nurture and support others to relieve the suffering, with an ultimate turning inward, (the second quality) and the establishment of a higher purpose and an understanding of the true purpose of separateness, and the benefits of its protective influence.

Mars/Pluto - your motivation.

Mars/Pluto, as the next water sign (Scorpio) rulers also has a dual quality in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.

The first quality influences you to strive to overcome the influences that flow through your sensitive nature - either through attack and blame, (usually hidden under the guise of ''I care so much I have to hurt you, protect you, hold you close, protect myself, etc.") in order to develop the strong sense of separateness - a necessary step in strengthening the awareness of your ego.
Its' second influence is as you battle the insecurity within, and that is projected onto others, their response becomes your mirror of your own insecurity - rejection ensues, true understanding and compassion develops, you begin to identify with the safety of the ones you love, and expansion of your sensitivity results, transformation takes place and influences your goals and actions, you become a better person, and your influence in the world expands in a caring capacity as you learn to use willpower for the good of all.

Jupiter/Neptune - your good fortune.

Jupiter/Neptune, the rulers of the following water sign Pisces, magnifies all of your personality propensities. Its dual influence causes expansion both physically and spiritually.
Its' beneficial influence expended merely physically can lead to excesses of all kinds - drunkenness, escape through drugs, deception, flakiness, illusionary - all contributing more to your 'overly sensitive' attitude and your sense of separateness.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a deep sense of sympathy and compassion for others, with the desire to help others in a caring capacity. This allows you to share through family and learn to nurture others, which acts as a subconscious signal which strengthens your own insecurity, thereby quieting the body and silencing the mind, and relieving your own pain and suffering.

Exalted Planets:

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer: When the Jupiter (Solar Plexus Chakra) energy of beneficence is expanded to include the lives of others, in an all-embracing sympathetic nature (Cancer), the energy begins to radiate a subtle living substance which signals to the subconscious mind a process that changes personal memory to reveal the expanded cosmic memory, resulting in a change of identification whereupon the separate state of personality understands its personal purpose as being a vehicle for the Universal Will, through an expanded memory of its divine being ness. Personal memory becomes cosmic memory and a new realization of true protectiveness - the safety that existed in the necessary separate state of personality, where is was protected until ready to experience the blinding light of pure being.

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