Esoteric Astrology: Cancer Balancing

Esoteric Cancer Balancing: Esoteric Astrology

Cancer: Your Key To Relationship.

Finding the Source of 'Real' Security.

Your opposite sign is Capricorn, the color blue-violet, the sign of 'outer recognition', security in the world and 'the devil' - a level of consciousness where we judge things by their surface appearance only. Esoterically, there really is no 'devil', for the devil is God seen by the fearfully materialistic. The devil is merely a mirror of our own selfish, fearful, materialistic strivings, and understanding that is the lesson for the sign Cancer.

Overcoming insecurity or the 'devil' is impossible if you seek security in the outer world - for the 'world' is sure to cause conflict if insecurity exists. (We tend to only feel secure when we are successful and others admire us) The dichotomy for an Cancer is that all personal motivation is based on overcoming insecurity and your reality will reflect that insecurity until you act out the opposite by nurturing others and encouraging their success.

So your whole sense of self is devised by the limited sense of personality and what it could accomplish on it own without the security of the cosmic forces that flow through you. It is your level of identification that determines your security. So real security or overcoming the 'devil' and your fears, is impossible without personality transformation, and that is the most difficult task for an Cancer. (If as a Cancer your identity is based on what would make you secure, then what would motivate you are the things that you believe make others' secure.)

So any 'insecurity' is essentially a 'disguise' to remain separate and insecure. And since for a Cancer, security usually means suppressing your personality (to keep what you have), then compromise would feel like a dissolution of the sense of self, which to an Cancer would create great inner conflict, and would eventually be expressed physically as...........? (you fill in the blanks).

True security or overcoming your fears can not take place without the destruction of intellect or 'personality'. For a Cancer, intellect requires fear and uncertainty to transform and loosen its grip. It is only through insecurity that exhaustion ensues and surrender takes place, and although this results in a loss of strength, it is the beginning of the dissolution of the self. It is in this weakened state that a momentary surrendering takes place, with its' resulting expansion of consciousness and a deep sense of security as a new inner influence of forces is allowed to act through you.

True security is a heart issue - not understood by the intellect. It takes a psychochemical change to make the shift; which is brought about through greater practical vision (Capricorn - Earth - your balance), which acts as a subconscious signal that eventually shifts the sense of self through a chemical process, out of the sense of separateness and insecurity, into a stabilized and balanced emotional state, where transformation and the establishment of a clear verbal statement of the objective - that you are a child of God and that God alone is your Rock of security - so that you can move forward to express your protectiveness and sympathy in a practical way, that reflects that knowledge.

Life Lessons:
Inner Power: Sympathy.
Personality Blockage: Overemotional.
Trans mutational Source: Nurturing Relationships.

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