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Capricorn: Your Love Quality

Life Is, As We Choose To See It.

Remember Superman's ability to see past superficial appearances to get to the heart of things. Yet he was the master of disguises, keeping up appearances to protect his identity.

In one sense, our appearance protects our identity but it also isolates us from others. In a fully developed isolated perspective of ourselves we cast judgment on others and our reality, so that we can no longer see past the superficial appearances of things.

The phase of being a Capricorn is to come to understand these judgments have kept us safe but also kept us isolated, and to begin the renewing phase that reunites us.

As a Capricorn your separate identity was built on the task of overcoming worry and anxiety about material supply by learning to transform problems into opportunities. But since fearfulness holds us to what we have, our reality confirms our suspicions, and blinds us to the spiritual concepts that give us the ability to perceive the inner qualities.

With an over-focus on materiality and the cautious executive ability that can make you successful, there is a tendency to carry that cautious attitude into everything your do, and thus project that motive onto others. And when you combine that, with the fearfulness that blocks our ability to change, it results in an unconscious need to suffer.

When you can trace your suffering to the misinterpretations and immaturity that have caused the situation and see your motivation, you can then transmute the problem and laugh at yourself.

The process begins with tracing your suffering, acknowledging your motivation, and then laughing at yourself. This process brings the pain to full awareness and begins the renewing phase where you can begin to see the Tempter as the Redeemer. And when you can look into your own heart for the source of your troubles - real transmutation begins.

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