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Capricorn: Your Key To Happiness

Renewal: Appearances change with our Conceptions.

Renewal is the mind purified of the bondage to appearances. All appearances are the outer expression of inner conditions and cosmic sources of power. Judging by the appearance of things leads to bondage to the appearance, which are really just your misinterpretations that become your chains that block seeing the true source of power.

Saturn - your ruling planet

Like all planets, Saturn, as your ruler also has a dual quality in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.

The first quality influences you to be responsible and practical in the way you use your mind, thereby increasing your cautious and impartial attitude but also increasing your focus - but the more something is in focus the less easily it is to see the divine cause. And although the divine is in the details, seeing that perfection is difficult when you judge by its' appearance - for the way you imagine the world determines how you perceive it.

Saturn's 'true' potential is a level of cosmic consciousness - a state reached when the bondage to appearances has upset you enough to let the perfection of the divine order shine through - it is there, but blocked by an impure conception of the physical plane. When the personality is developed enough to laugh at itself, it begins to see the perfection, which grounds this concept into physicality, thereby renewing the mind and the chains that bind us to appearances.

Venus - your motivation.

Venus, the ruler of the next earth sign Taurus, magnifies your desires and emotional propensities. Its dual influence causes the need for beauty and perfection physically and the need to resolve the impure concepts spiritually.

Its' beneficial influence expended merely physically can force you to abide to custom and formality; saying the right thing without offending, carrying out your duties and managing your affairs tactfully - all motivated from your 'judging by appearances' attitude.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a detached perspective, where you can tap into constructive and creative energy and use it to drive you to accomplish worthwhile things. This allows you to accomplish great things and benefit others in a material way.

Mercury - your good fortune.

Mercury, the following ruler of the next earth sign Virgo, magnifies all of your intellectual propensities. Its dual influence causes expansion both physically and spiritually.
Its' influence expended merely physically can lead to a cool and reserved attitude; habitually silent and not inclined to talk (unless motivated by the 'appearances' issue) - and then driven to communicate.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with great intellectual depth - even felt deeply. This allows you to share spiritual concepts and higher wisdom, although not necessarily being able to see the practical use in them for yourself.

Exalted Planets:

Mars is exalted in Capricorn: When the Mars energy, (drive, sexual energy,) is devoted to actively eliminating the flaws in our personality there results a new birth of awareness - a renewing of the mind - and a life dedicated to a Higher Reality - the 'real' responsibility of man!

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