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Esoteric Capricorn: Your Key To Relationship.

Breaking the Bondage to Appearances.

Your opposite sign Cancer, the color orange-yellow, is the sign of 'nurturing' - the capacity to care for others in a dedicated fashion. Most Cancers' are devoted to family, and dote on caring for them. But when family grows up or leaves them they revert to a deep insecurity, and then issues of abandonment or being left behind motivates then to instill guilt on those that abandon them (and we all have Cancer qualities). Their 'nurturing' energy is still at an immature level of mind and they need to learn to care for others without letting their insecurity bind them too closely to others. The antidote for this deep insecurity is to turn inward and to develop inner faith for something beyond man.

As a Capricorn your 'nurturing' energy has become greatly stabilized, and your devotion and dedication has evolved and directed toward materialistic striving. Your ability to 'care' has become projected onto the goals and the things that you believe are worth binding yourself to - but still, out of the need for security. The guilt that the Cancer instilled on others during their caring, has transmuted in the Capricorn to where others can benefit in a material way once Capricorns are secure within themselves and begin to feel responsible for others.

It is not until the subconscious level is purified of our false interpretation of appearances, through the bondage that resulted from attaching and binding our self to appearances, that the chains to appearances are broken. Not until the ego finds nothing left on which to hold its devotion, and begins to laugh at itself, out of the exhaustion from creating the false walls of security, that actually separated us from everything we loved.

Laughing at our personality, its fears, its animalistic strivings, and its' superficial interpretations, begin to break the chains that created the illusion of separateness. Although the nurturing energy of a Capricorn is well developed and has begun to be demonstrated in concepts of responsibility and accomplishment, it is not until the separative motive that remains is overcome. And only by a life of dedication to the value of spiritual concepts and higher wisdom is the fear that couches itself as seeking material security, put at bay.

Concepts of responsibility, diplomacy, and ambition have a greater meaning when viewed from a spiritual perspective, and truly understanding these spiritual concepts are beyond self-seeking and separative motives. For merging with the higher mind, or anything else, is impossible if you feel yourself as separate - and separateness is the cause of all fear and insecurity.

True merging with the higher self can not take place without the purging of the 'separative' quality of personality that is deep in the unconscious level of the mind. For personality to transform and loosen its grip, it must battle the insecurity that fear creates. And it is only through the faith that ensues from battling the fears, is the insecurity overcome.

Spiritual faith is a heart issue - not understood by the intellect. It takes a psychochemical change to make the shift, which is brought about through a life dedicated to a higher reality. This dedication acts as a subconscious signal that eventually shifts the sense of self through a chemical process, out of the conflict of separateness, and the elimination of fear - and a renewed perception of personality, as a servant of the One Self.

Life Lessons:
Inner Power: Contribution.
Personality Blockage: Work, work, work.
Trans mutational Source: Answerable to God.

(Note: this is the only time I have used the word God)

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