The Feeling: Preface

The Feeling

The Feeling - Preface

by Clayten Tylor

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The Feeling, by Clayten Tylor.

Swedenborg's writings were my anti-depressant "medication" during my mid-life crisis. How a person with my background having no traditional religious education, and my upbringing by a single parent non-believer mom, could ever have been introduced to Swedenborg's writings, was only by a miracle.

My peers were all drugged, doped, or drunks, and most of them promiscuous, materialistic, and angry. The wild birds were my true friends, for they would follow me on my runs, eat from my hand in the park, and occasionally, land on my windowsill to encourage me in my quest for truth. I can hear them talk to me now from miles away. They helped me to open my inner hearing; and Swedenborg's writings helped me to bring acceptance to that bird-level awareness of knowing.

Swedenborg's writings also brought order, logic, and reason to my life. His was a sensible religion, in the sense that it awakened new feelings within me. It was his religion, but he allowed me to understand and interpret it in my own way.

The only caution with having your mind "fried" with spiritual knowledge is to stay grounded and to not to be led-astray or confused while the inner world is being revealed. It was revealed to me first through outside forces such as the birds, and then through the synchronicity that happened everywhere in the little things, and only later through my dreams and visions.

The Feeling

My first spiritual " vision " happened in my living room at two o'clock in the afternoon. It was a vision of a tall, glowing-white, Guardian Angel, and just the feeling of its Presence brought me to my knees crying, and kissing its feet. It was the first of many visions, and although I do not know what this vision really was, I think that it might have been what is termed " seeing the burning bush," for it created in me a burning desire to be a better person .

Any other person would probably have been diagnosed as a mental patient, as I would have been if I had ever tried to describe any of my visions to a doctor. Just mentioning the idea of " seeing" God would have had me committed. Over time, I changed the terminology as I understood the experience more fully; it became "I saw Jesus;" and then finally I changed it to "seeing the Guardian Angel."

I know that my mind cannot fully comprehend or interpret correctly the visions that I perceived, but whether it was a hallucination and I was crazy, I still did not tell a doctor; otherwise, I am sure that I would have become just another statistic, one of the many millions that have been prescribed anti-depressant medication for unhappiness, and thereby, may have missed my spiritual enlightenment experiences, which are meant to happen to everyone during the "mid-life crisis" years of our life.

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The Feeling
by Clayten Tylor

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