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Breathing Into The Moment.

Remember Superman's' super sensitive sense of smell? It was hardly ever mentioned. In fact, it manifested more often when he used his breath to blow away unwanted debris.

As a Gemini, your task is to heighten your sense of discrimination, and the breath is the way to control your mind chatter so that you can focus and concentrate on a single goal until it is manifested. To blow away the unnecessary self talk; to experience the present moment in a state of total concentration. To keep on breathing through the distracting influences until they are cleared of their self perpetuating influence, until a state of complete balancing of thought with emotion is achieved.

Creating a more harmonious working relationship between your conscious goal-setting mind, with your desires and emotions, thereby bringing your dual nature into balance is your life long task, and, your path to happiness and contentment.

Breath is your tool to quiet the mind and calm the desire nature. Then with a quiet mind, and with your desires put aside, there becomes a clarity of discrimination that brings rest and balance from the constant need for change.

Once this relationship between the conflicting aspects of personality has been established and you have established clear desires, then the subconscious mind is able to be transmit control to the higher self, and perfect equilibration is accomplished (Mercury, ruler of Gemini).

Now you can begin to experience the eternal 'now', in the present moment - breath control giving you the concentration, and concentration heightening your discrimination, and heightened discrimination causing all distractions to subside and you are united with the eternal NOW.

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