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Esoteric Gemini: Your Key To Happiness

Pure Discrimination: - your ultimate goal.

Pure Discrimination is: - a lightning fast process that takes into consideration the inner self in all personal decisions and for a Gemini that is a difficult task, for the intellectual energy ruling Gemini thrives on outside information and to remain active.

Mercury - your ruling planet

Like all planets, Mercury has a dual quality too.
The first quality of Mercury is to create mind chatter, and the sense of separateness which separates us from the experience and causes all interpretations to be flawed, because interpretation is based on comparing using memory. Mind chatter' ultimate result is conflict and disagreement - because all mind chatter is just a belief or a personal opinion.(for everything must be judged for personality to believe it has personal power).
The second quality is the hope that the endless search for information to base your judgments on, will develop your mental gifts. Intellect will eventually be forced to expand those concepts into a broader knowledge in order to be shared. Here the intellect can evolve from narrow notions to the true grasp of universal reality.

Venus - your motivation.

Venus, as ruler if the next air sign also has a dual quality in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.

The first quality, influences you to express your intellect in a social but somewhat surface expression, in order to keep alive the little ego and its' misinterpretations, and to remain in a highly active mode.(mostly to avoid intellectual embarrassment) Here intellect is motivated only by what turns you on, thereby enabling you to express your mental talents, but the more intellectually interested you are the keener your attention span becomes and then, a broader knowledge can unfold.

Its' 'true' potential is the level of pure creative living. Where desire is transformed from merely judging appearances based on whether it turns you on long enough to hold your attention, to desire being inspired, enabling you to bring love and attention down into the moment, suspending the searching, and uniting you with the 'now' and stabilizing your desires in perfect equilibrium - in balance with the 'inner self'.

Uranus/Saturn - your good fortune.

Uranus and Saturn, taken together as the rulers of following air sign Aquarius, magnifies and focuses and thereby develops all of your propensities through limitation. Its dual influence first causes contraction and then expansion, both physically and spiritually - stabilizing and undoing, stabilizing and undoing.

There influence expended merely physically can lead to excesses of all kinds - restrictions then explosions, rejection then rebellion, frustration then ecstasy - all contributing to your 'what turns you on' drama.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a sense of expanded consciousness as you learn from the lessons that force a broader concept of who you are, and develop your concentration to rule over your past, present and future thoughts, thereby uniting you with the eternal now - with no mind chatter.

Exalted Planets:

There is no planet exalted in Gemini: Mercury, (intellect) first must demonstrate its true spiritual purpose as a mediator to the thoughts, forces and ideas that flow through you from sources coming from within and above. Once discrimination is in place, the mind chatter becomes balanced and clear, and the 'inner' strengthens your ability to command the forces of nature with your thoughts - concentration unfolding pure discrimination.

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