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Esoteric Gemini: Your Key To Relationship.

Developing a broader concept.

Your opposite sign is Sagittarius, the color blue, the sign of the higher mind - the broader concept - a level of consciousness in where you are the observer. Esoterically, there really is no 'higher' mind, just you in the future, your future self beyond this time, space reality - your guiding self. And learning to listen to its guidance is the lesson for the sign Gemini.

Merging with 'the higher self' is impossible if you feel yourself smarter or brighter - for a 'higher' anything, is sure to cause conflict if a lack of discrimination exists at the lower level. (We tend to only ask for help when we are losing - and all indiscriminate actions eventually make us the losers ) The dichotomy for an Gemini is that all sense of self is based on intellectual 'smarty ness' - the desire to know, for not-knowing is an embarrassment. But embarrassment is an indication that your notions are too narrow - and merely acquiring more information does not broaden the concept. So if your whole sense of self is devised by what you know, yet what you know is determined by your interests, what does it take for you stop seeking outside for answers, stop the mind chatter, and to turn inward? - but embarrassment.

So real knowing is impossible without the little egos' personality transformation, and that is the most difficult task for a Gemini. (If a Gemini's identity is based on what it knows, then what would motivate you are the things that you believe would make you smarter - more information!) So any 'knowing' is essentially a 'disguise' to remain smart. And since for a Gemini, not being smart usually means suppressing individuality, (which is the motivating force for a Gemini), then not seeking would feel like a dissolution of the sense of self, which to a Gemini would create great inner conflict, and would eventually be expressed physically as............? (you fill in the blanks).

True knowledge can not take place without the silencing of intellect. Intellect thrives on conflict and it is only through 'not knowing' that intellect surrenders to silence. And although this results in a loss of smarty ness, it is the beginning of the dissolution of the self and the birth of a broader concept of self. It is during a weakened state of not searching that a momentary influx takes place, with its' resulting expansion of consciousness.

True merging with the higher self is not understood by the intellect. It takes a psychochemical change to make the shift; which is brought about through broader concept (Sagittarius- Fire) of your actions, which acts as a subconscious signal that eventually shifts the sense of self through a chemical process, out of the need to seek outwardly (and merely acquiring more information), into balance, transformation and a merging with the higher self, brought about by a stern tempering of your actions (even thru lifetimes) until your motivation has been purified through the tests and trials of living out your concepts, until you feel its inner presence and request it to help in the transformation from 'you' into the 'observer' - The Lovers (Tarot correspondence) - united with the environment in eternal love.

Life Lessons:
Inner Power: Inspiration.
Personality Blockage: Scattered thinking.
Trans mutational Source: Honest inner communication.

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