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Clayten is a Certified Esoteric Astrologer - trained in the ancient wisdom teachings of the western tradition. If you are seeking guidance and clarity, with a glimpse into the future, then look no further - book your personal Esoteric Astrology Reading with Clayten, today. In-person (in Vancouver, B.C.), or worldwide by telephone.

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Astrology Readings"If you have ever balanced a stone on its side, you know the exact moment of balance; the experience is magical, life changing; you never forget it!"
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Self-Improvement Astrology with Clayten Esoteric Astrology: "Interpretations are based upon the assumption that the developed individual is able to exercise self-determination and volition, and to render himself immune to the harmful effects of astrological influences by transmuting them into a source of power." — (Nicholas de Vore's Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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Gift Certificate"Improve the life of someone you Love - give yourself a Gift Certificate for a personal Astrology Reading with Clayten." (Must be purchased by Aug. 31)

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esoteric astrologyLate-Night Telephone Appointments by Request - talk, in the comfort of your home.
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