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Living From The Heart.

Do you remember the super strength that Superman had, the ability to direct all the powers of the universe to attend to his needs, and still be gentle in his use of his strength.

He knew the source of his strength, acknowledged it, and used it compassionately because he had overcome the beasts within his own nature, and therefore could not be ruled by his 'little' ego.

He was so centered in love that it allowed his strength to operate more justly. It is a fine balance to be able to direct so much power with generosity of spirit, to be praised for doing so much good yet remain humble, to be available to anyone that needs your help without becoming self-absorbed.

The Sun represents this image, and as a Leo your task is to mange the beasts within yourself with loving understanding which is a suggestion to the sub consciousness that you would not abuse your powers.

And as the beasts of passion are mastered within yourself by keeping your pride in check, you awaken to the awareness of being an expression of that power.

The more you use the "big stick" on your own passions and desires, the more strength you'll receive to overcome temptations not in harmony with your self image, and the more courage you will be given to overcome your obstacles.

Being an expression of powers that are not yours, and being open to an infinite source of love, balances the pride that wielding this kind of power can create, and since creating is connected with the reproductive energy, so too, do any hang ups or extreme attitudes toward this energy hinder your growth.

To truly live from the heart is to imagine an image for ourselves as being something more than merely human, and passion "mastered" is the force that will take you there.

And the way to master passion is to surrender to an image of the universe as having the full control (Neptune exalted in Leo) and you as an expression of it's loving kindness. (Sun as ruler)

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