Esoteric Astrology: Leo Correspondence

Leo Esoteric Astrology Correspondence

Esoteric Leo: Your Key To Happiness

Suggestion - your power to fulfillment.

Suggestion is the inner psychic energy that you send to your subconscious mind as a response to your reactions to living and loving, with its' resulting antagonism that that involves.

The Sun - your ruling planet.

The Sun, (besides 'the' Moon) is the only planet we give a 'the' to. (we don't say 'the' Mercury) This implies the dignified quality that you identify with as being yours. The Sun has a dual quality and purpose in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.

It influences you "to be" someone really special, to express your unique talents and to develop your ego in a way that brings acknowledgement and appreciation - but what if that is not forthcoming??
Its' highest potential is living from the heart, a level of humanity consciousness - caring more for others than the self, where your radiations guide and encourage others - by acting as an example without any pride.

Jupiter - your good fortune.

Jupiter , the ruler of the next fire sign after Leo, magnifies all of your propensities. Its dual influence causes expansion both physically and spiritually.

Its' beneficial influence expended merely physically can lead to excessive pride, optimism, superficiality and self aggrandizement - all contributing to your ego-related behavior and your rousing joy of life.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a sense of supreme confidence, allowing you to share your joy of creativity and generosity without the 'braggart' shadow - truly serving others by expressing through a humanitarian cause, thus making for the proper attitude for the enjoyment of all luxury - which has truly been fashioned just for you!

Mars - your ruling planet

Like all planets, Mars has a dual effect, and for Leo it arrives after the Sun-building qualities of 'royalty' and the bombastic influence of Jupiter.

The first of its' dual effect is to drive you to rule passionately with great self-importance but with short lived showmanship. The need for admiration from others ( especially when motivated by the desire to be loved and admired), can only result in disappointment (for the frail human nature cannot supply you with the spiritual quality of love) but is a necessary frustration in order for you to become the supremely confident person you need to be.

The second effect is in the hope that the frustrations caused by self-adornment will lead to a more inclusive sense of expression, resulting in love expressed outwardly to others like 'The' Sun, guiding and encouraging love in others, the way the paternal aspect of The Sun radiates its' guiding light. THAT suggestion cause a turning of the Mars force as it begins the transformation of personality, toward the wondrous fulfillment of union with the One Self - True Adornment!

Exalted Planets:

Neptune exalted in Leo : When the solar radiant energy or electric vital force of the Sun (Leo - humanity consciousness) is united with the water of the cosmic mental energy (Neptune) and the self-love energy of the heart (Leo) is transformed into full awareness of being an expression of the Universal Mind - the Real Suggestion! - united, and at One.

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