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Esoteric Leo Esoteric Astrology Balancing

Esoteric Leo: Your Key To Relationship.

Merging your self with a Community of Love.

Your opposite sign is Aquarius, the color violet, the sign of 'humanitarian goals' - a state of involvement in the community with others. It still requires a strong ego or sense of self, but sublimated into group activities where you can be 'less of a star'. There really is no other community than The Brotherhood of Man - and working toward that by manifesting your ideals is the 'suggestion' that brings the Leo qualities into balance.

Aquarius is an air sign, the element that encourages the fire of Leo to burn brightly. Controlled feeding of the flame of love by understanding that air is necessary for fires' survival, begins the process that mixes the two elements, reducing the two into their elemental water - the true fluidic substance of all forms - mind stuff

Just like working for a humanitarian cause, one must identify with the groups' goal, otherwise serious ego conflicts among the participants can ensue. So too must identification change from the isolated sense of self, called self-love, to identification with a truer concept of unity.

All of nature is made of 'mind stuff', but the process that reveals it and brings it into full awareness is brought about through a lifting-up of personality by an act of revelation.

(you fill in the blanks).

It is though the mind that we eventually have agreement with others, but usually only after surrendering (Neptune exalted) our opinions and false sense of self, and we reach a stage of not knowing, can we receive a revelation and a solution to our problem.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn (concentration) and Uranus (revelation), and the two processes contribute to lifting up personality to enable us to see the true Brotherhood of Man.

When we begin to understand the truth behind all appearances and all conflicts, we can not but help to enter a meditative state to reach for a solution. In this process, personality is emptied of its' intellectual self-knowing, thereby allowing the heart to expand to take over its rightful place - to return the feminine aspect of intuition to mankind, and a new understanding of true humanitarianism - to get out of the way, and let Unity into our hearts.

Life Lessons:
Inner Power: Love, Generosity of Spirit.
Personality Blockage: Self-aggrandizement.
Trans mutational Source: Commanding, gently.

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