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Libra: Your Love Quality

Faith expressed through action.

Remember how Superman was always single, but when he was out of his costume as Clark Kent he was always interested in forming a relationship with Lois Lane. But as Superman there was no concept of the "other", in fact he protected everyone equally as if they were himself.

As a Libra your sign rules the house of "the other" and the focus is to form relationships with others in the hope that the mirroring affect will make you understand (Air sign) their is no "other", that everyone is a reflection of you.

The ruler of Libra is the Venus of Taurus transformed into the Venus of Libra, the earthy love nature devoted to the pursuit of pleasure transformed into the airy love nature devoted to the pursuit of action (Cardinal Sign) away from imbalance.

Venus - your good fortune.

Venus is also a symbol for the creative imagination, and Saturn (the planet of discipline exalted in Libra) represents the results of dwelling on undesirable impulses teaches us to be more discriminating in the images we hold in consciousness, to come into balance by sublimating those mental images we do not want to manifest.

This is the way to control our karma, by changing our responses, by concentrating on more desirable forms of activity and eliminating everything that gets in the way of our goal. And because Libra is an Air sign, deep breathing plays an important part in changing our thought process.

In Tarot, Libra is the card of Justice, the result of our judgment of others and the judgment of our experiences which results in our Karma - which is our teacher. But once the Intuition developed in the Taurus phase is transformed into the Faith in the Libra phase we are imbued with a self-directing guidance which makes us unafraid to act, knowing that all our actions evolve us toward union with the "other" - our true Self.

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