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Libra Esoteric Astrology Correspondence

Libra: Your Key To Happiness

Pure Equilibrium: - your ultimate goal.

Pure Equilibrium is the mind purified of all judgment, and for a Libra, that is a difficult task, for the energy ruling Libra is felt as purely cooperative - and cooperation is still, just the judgment between two opposite opinions.

Venus - your ruling planet

Like all planets, Venus has a dual quality.

The first quality is that it imbues you with a sense of beauty and imagination which causes all action to be personally motivated on the side of the 'just' and 'artistic' qualities of a person or thing. But its ultimate result is judgment - because all true beauty and justice are based on opinions, comparisons or present day laws. (for something must be wrong for something to be right or just).

The second influence is your gifted airy imagination. It is the hope that with it you will develop a greater sense of faithfulness, and therefore proportion in the attitude toward the 'other'. To learn to cherish and honor them for what they are, rather than coerce them into conformity by preconceived ideals which could be based on fantasy. This expanded faithfulness requires a turning inward, and then the force can be used for personal transformation, resulting in uniting with the 'other' in a state of perfect equilibrium.

Uranus/Saturn - your motivation.

The planets Uranus and Saturn, taken together as the next air sign rulers also have a dual quality in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.

The first quality influences you to fluctuate 'back and forth', to express yourself and your talents in such a way that you develop your ego by eventually eliminating undesirable tendencies and judgments through conscious effort.

Its' 'true' potential is that as you learn how your imagination shapes physical forms, and a state of equilibrium unfolds, this knowledge can be used to purify the desire nature by diverting negative imagery into more beautiful forms - ones where you are united with the true Self.

Mercury - your good fortune.

Mercury, the following air sign ruler focuses and concentrates all of your propensities. Its intellectual influence can cause distraction both physically and spiritually.

Its' beneficial influence expended merely physically can lead to excesses of all kinds - excessive socializing, relationship drama, door mat mentality, or laziness - all contributing to your 'back and forth', 'justice' or 'beauty' attitude until true discrimination is established.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a sense of wonder and faithfulness in things intellectual. This allows you to understand concepts of diplomacy, balance, and art, and to share what you have experienced, thus making all of your actions contribute toward taking you toward your spiritual objective.

Exalted Planets:

Saturn exalted in Libra : When the Saturn energy, (restriction, self-discipline, responsibility) is brought into equilibrium (Libra) through the use of discrimination (Mercury), then all the freedom or pain (Uranus & Saturn) resulting from your judgment is seen as a necessary condition that propels you toward your goal. The goal being, when all of your imaginings (Venus) of action are expressed fearlessly. Then the Saturn energy of restriction, becomes 'Cosmic Consciousness' energy, and with it, you are raised out of judgment by the development of faith - faith that all of your actions are leading you toward an inward self direction - a life dedicated to letting the Higher Self shine through - Pure Equilibrium - reacting to life in a new way.

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