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Clayten Tylor, Esoteric Astrologer

Vancouver Esoteric Astrologer: Clayten Tylor

Clayten has worked as a Professional Astrologer since 1994, helping thousands of clients improve their lives.

Astro*Intuitive Certifications

Esoteric Astrology, Metaphysics, Alchemy, Western esotericism, Occult Psychology, Sacred Science, Numerology, Life Cycle Management Certificate, Gematria, Contemporary Spirituality, Mystical Qabalah, Tarot, Mysticism, Dream Interpretation, Meditation, Color and Sound Therapy, Energy Balancing, Spiritual Healing, Transpersonal religious experiences.

Spiritual Guidance

Mid-Life Crisis, Relationship, Grief, Stress, Spirituality, Self-Help, Emotional Dependency, Depression, Anxiety, Abuse, Mental Health, Fear, Self Esteem, Coaching, Nutrition, Diet, Career, Romance, Life Changes, Business and Investments, Visualization, Goal, Career, Self-healing.

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