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Numerology Call ~ $60.

30 minutes. Covers your present Cycle Year, Cycle Month, plus your name.

This Numerology consultation answers a variety of questions. When could you meet someone? Are you and your partner compatible? ~ Both your name and your partner's are analyzed. ($2. per minute therafter.)

Numerology Prosperity Signature ~ $60.

(by Email Only) Create a personal 'check-signing' signature using a combination of your first name, middle name or last name, for greater prosperity. Approximate Fee $60. CAD*

Numerology Balanced Personal Names ~ $180.

(by Email Only) Choose a personal balanced name, as a stage-name, for writing, and for greater happiness and prosperity. Average Fee is about $180. CAD. (or $120. hour)

Numerology Balanced Corporate Names ~ $180.

(be Email Only) See: Business Consulting . Before you incorporate your company, choose a balanced corporate name for greater success and prosperity. Average Fee is about $180. CAD. (or $120. hour)

Balanced Healthy Pet Names ~ $2. per minute.

Understand the effects of a name on your pet. Changing the spelling of a pet's name can show immediate improvements in their temperament, health, and sociability . By appointment and by telephone or email. Fee $2 per minute. Approximately 60 minutes needed - $120.