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One Cycle Year

"The number One is predicated concerning good, and indicates what is perfect." Swedenborg. A.E. 374

The One Cycle Year is the seeding or planting period; it is the time to take action, to start new projects, to lead others toward a vision, and to pioneer unique new ideas. Most importantly this is the time to choose a goal and formulate it into a into a written statement.

The number one says: "To Be" and this begins with an act of intention - one thought directed toward a selected idea. If you can form your idea into an intention, you can manifest it.

This is the first point - the point within the circle and it begins as a winding-up a spiral - a concentration of inner power toward the center.

The number one signifies - the art of concentration that clears the doubt and fear, and opens the way for an influx of intuition. A clear perception of your goal that creates the magical attitude - "to be".

One Cycle YearThe number one symbolizes self consciousness - to give full expression to your self. But to avoid being overly self-centered or becoming too blunt or too aggressive requires an "admirerable" image of your future self.

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself in your lifetime is, "what do I want to be? It determines your success or failure. But where do we get our ideas about what we want to be?

Since our name symbolizes our identity, this identification also influences what we want to be. Because we look at our world through our personality, our world is a reflection of how we feel about our self. Our feeling about ourselves determines our relationships with our world and our world is a reflection of how we feel about the concept of a "higher" self - our future self, perfected.

The "Real" goal begins by planting a seed idea of becoming "more than human". And because we become what we think, this seed idea is truly within our reach.

So, take a seed idea of the most perfect "more than human" image -and personalize it. Plant the seed of what you want to be, into this image of your perfected spiritual human - you in the future - fulfilled!

And because everything we are searching for, everything we expect in others is tied to this image of our future fulfilled self, that unless our future self-image is an image we can really love, how can you overcome the doubt and anxiety about fulfilling our goals?

This "more than human" image will become your reality if you can just envision it. For with every goal - the end must be in sight before we begin. That is the power of the number one - the magical attitude,"To Be".

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