Numerology: Two Cycle Year

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Two Cycle Year.

"Two signifies conjunction." Swedenborg 5194

In the Two Cycle Year, the urge is to procrastination - to sit on the fence. This is the germination cycle when your ideas require time to take root and to grow in strength.

Now you need to force yourself to socialize, because it is through association with others that develops your ideas and puts you in contact with the people that can help you to manifest your goals.

This is also the time to expand your clientele through advertising but because this is still the germination period and your ideas are still forming, it takes time before any results are noticed.

The Two also signifies the subconscious mind. This is the working power that builds and maintains our body. It takes over when we sleep or meditate, making connections and healing. It grows, heals, and creates whatever we tell it, and in a two year we must continually reinforce our original goals.

Our subconscious mind needs to be managed and is always agreeable to suggestion. Our thoughts act directly on sub consciousness and when our thoughts have been calmed, it connects us to super-conscious levels of being - bringing both our hunches and our intuitions. It carries our mental images, making connections and changing our circumstances - whatever it takes to fulfill our goals.

number twoNumber Two is the power of duplication - for whatever you believe yourself to be is created and reflected back. It copies whatever you tell it - it is non-personal and without judgment.

The Number Two also represents Wisdom. And in a persons' name it creates the perfect diplomat or host. But just like the perfect host will say everything is fine even if it is isn't - we too must make wise use of our thoughts and words in a Two Cycle Year.

Two is the universal principal of remembering, and "being someone" requires taking action by "doing" something, and "doing" requires a correct appraisal of our talents and our place in the scheme of things. And when we remember our divine nature, we are imbued with the qualities and confidence to start the "doing" toward our goals.

The Two Cycle Year is the time to add some spiritual "qualities" to your "more than human" seed image" created in a One cycle year. What spiritual qualities would you like to add to your future-self image? How about compassion, patience, or understanding?

The human mind is an image of the Universal mind and possesses the same powers of creation. We need to banish all doubt or anxiety as to its' power to create, repair or build, to be confident about those powers, and in our Two Cycle Year, now is the time for understanding just that.

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