Numerology: Three Cycle Year

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Three Cycle Year.

"Three signifies what is full from beginning to end." Swedenborg 5708

The Three Cycle Year is very creative but also more emotional. It is the time to express oneself through art, creativity, relationships - to inspire others.

This is the manifestation period, where new shoots appear and your ideas show great promise. But in the later part of the three year the plant begins to slow in growth until it becomes stronger.

The three year represents the triangle and it tends to rise in optimism and then fall in despair - so tends to be moody. It constantly compares everything to how it felt previously. So everything has to be fun or there is no interest.

In a three year we must make our minds receptive to intuition. An attitude of receptivity is when the intellect is subordinated to a higher power of the soul by a willingness to be led.

Three is the e-motion or growth power behind our imagery. For emotion is as vital as the image. We must become the master of this image making power.

By using creative imagination we are learning the art of conveying desire. Through contemplation we make new combinations, creating new visual images - it is these that sub consciousness understands.

(Sub consciousness responds to hints - and a suggestion is anything that hints at the subconscious response we desire. Sub consciousness. Image the perfect body in a mirror in front of you, and then turn that image and have it back into you - become it! That is what I mean by a "visual image" suggestion.)

number threeThe number Three represents our capacity for love. When we begin to love our personality it causes a change in our self image. Our personality might not be perfect yet but it is evolving to become perfect. And this love for ourselves creates magnetism which make us more attractive and therefore more lovable.

That once empty space that holds the universe together is expressed on the physical plane as the magnetic quality called love. (Swedenborg says that God is Love - and love identifies with the vehicle it enters - which is the cause of us feeling separate.) It is only be expressing it can we feel connected.

Love expresses as kindness and hope for others by providing comfort and tenderness - which is our gift to give - for what we send out returns - to give like the Sun gives.

We are united with whatever we hold our attention on. Every mental image has the power to manifest as an actual event. Number Three gives the form and substance to all things - it is the response of sub consciousness to suggestion.

Now you can't hold your attention on any goal unless you love it - you have to love what you want - and we become what we love.

So now, lets take our seed image of our future self - and play. What kind of things would this gorgeous modern-day future self love? Itself? - of course! Its' creations? - of course! A Ferrari? - of course! Now play with this image and put everything that you love and want into the scenery of the image of your future self.

In the Three cycle year you are to begin to create the "scenery" around what you foresee for your future self, and imbue your goals with emotion.

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