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Four Cycle Year.

"Four signifies the conjunction of good and truth, and it derives this signification from the four quarters in heaven." - Swedenborg A.A.384

The Four Cycle Year is the test year. Anything that is going to break down or fall apart - machinery, relationships, work - will show its weakness.

This is the time to put extra effort into maintaining, by oiling, repairing, cleaning or sorting, and working on the details. In fact, in a four year you would especially enjoy working, taking courses or teaching, because it is a routine and therefore you can depend on the outcome, and that makes you feels safe because is does not require any emotion.

In the plant stage the roots develop (but it is too late for a root booster), and any plants that can not stand up by themselves must be cut down.

Four is the classifying aspect of self-consciousness. We can train ourselves to expect good health, to feel rich in spirit, to perfect our image, by thinking and dreaming of it.

number fourThe number four is the measuring intelligence where action and reaction are equal; the back and forth energy from others, the back and forth effect of our thoughts. Through compassion, mercy, and good-will the reproduction of destructive patterns stop. (When we blame others the hatred continues.)

This is our filing system, the card index of memory - Cosmic Order. How you order your life sends powerful suggestions to the sub consciousness. How you treat your body gives suggestions as to how you want your body maintained. How you keep your sleeping area orderly gives the suggestion that you want everything that you say to be inwardly scrutinized. Keeping your place of work orderly suggests that you want all your thoughts to work in order with the cosmic plan.

The foundation of health is also order. (And no, I don't mean to order take out!) - but Cosmic Order. Research the facts on nutrition, water, exercise and rest - and then make sure that you supply your body what you need.

The blood is the foundation of orderly thinking. All mental imbalances are emotional imbalances and can be traced to the balance of the twelve biological salts which constitute the blood.

The Cosmic Order is made of limitless substance - radiant mental energy - mind stuff- knowing this you may take whatever is required for a more abundant life. True wealth is learning to draw upon this inner supply.

Four symbolizes honoring thy parents. To hon our the eternal past (the mother) and the eternal future (the father), so that we can live in the eternal moment - not needing to be anything - which is happiness and eternal life.

In Astrology the fourth house represents home and security. So lets take the image of our future self that we intuited in our One year, of which we added the spiritual qualities to in our two year and the scenery of the things we love in our three year, and now lets give our future self image, a home - everything you need for security - and that is what we are to work on in our four cycle year.

See: How to Improve Rental Property Value in a Number Four Address

Number four Rental Property Address

* Lets take a look at how an Address that adds to a Number Four effects a Rental Property in Vancouver's aging West End.

A Number #4 address is a reliable source of income, but will always need ongoing repairs and maintenance, more than any other address.

There is a false assumption that rental real estate profit is maximized by increasing the rents to tenants. This is a false assumption because it leads to profits on the backs of tenant’s welfare, instead of profit through tenant’s welfare. Withdrawing services such as cleaning, turning down the heat, etc, to increase profits, is a false profit (on paper only), and indicates that there are inefficiencies elsewhere, usually vacancies in-between tenancies. The financial loss of a one-month vacancy between tenancies, is then taken from the maintenance budget, and the tenants suffer further because of the owner’s own mismanagement.

The real profit in a number four building is in the long-term tenants. The difficulty in Vancouver's aging West End is that as an owner tries to increase the ‘business’ value by increasing the rents, the age of the building works against him, as it leans toward being a tear-down, and the two efforts collide. Therefore, unless the appearance and the maintenance of a number four building improves in equal proportion with the rents, owners will never keep tenants long term, and therefore never create a rental income to support the maintenance of a number four building.

My recommendations for a number four rental property would be to think of repairs as a way to 'beautify' the building. Put aside a large maintenance budget, so that you do not feel bad every time the building needs repair. Keep the place spotless. Most number four buildings have a huge potential for increasing the assessed value (as much as 20%), merely by superficially upgrading the appearance. This way, a number four building will become a dependable long-term equity source of income to finance additional purchases of real estate.

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