Numerology: Five Cycle Year

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Five Cycle Year.

"Five signifies much and a sufficient quantity." - Swedenborg 9689

The five Cycle Year is the time to try new things, to broaden your endeavors through promotion, travel, seeking opportunities and change. A time to look past the appearance of obstacles for solutions. A time to take action - and it could be an indulgent time, a time when you could eat to excess.

In the stage of a plant, the branches develop and the leaves show quick growth as the whole stock becomes sturdier.

Five represents the time "to adapt" - the results of putting everything in order. Now begins a new series of images. After the acceptance of things as they are comes the compassion and the intuition to solve our problems. It is a turning point, the midway point, a time to seek inner guidance through intuition. To be still and know, develops power - through silence. With a still mind, intuition becomes a sort of recollection.

At this point personal will is created, and ego and pride seems to be the cause of all our problems at this stage. Our will might feel like its free (and we must act as if it is) - but we must align it with the higher will, for us to receive intuition.

It is important to have a strong ego. In fact it gives us the drive to accomplish, to lead others, even to write a book. (Swedenborg says that if we believe we are responsible for the good that we do then we also have to own the bad - which is the cause of guilt. But if we acknowledge that any good that we do is from the higher self then we are freed from the negative as well)

number fiveWe must recognize the Divine justice in all the situations of our life. And now is the time for reconciliation - to make friendly those aspects that have brought us trouble - our wishing and believing in thing not in harmony with order - in order to change our circumstances.

This is the time to seek to change our self. It is our identification with personality and not the central self that make our bodies die. This is the year to let go of self will and to rid the personality of the patterns and habits that block change.

Our personality must be brought into alignment for us to be an instrument for the Universal mind and the distribution of a superior power - one of strength and justice.

Now lets take the seed image of our future self and add some Ego related images. What would strength look like? How about courage, adventure, what about sex drive? What about justice? - can you allow the Cosmic to handle all this? Good! Now the five year has been mastered!

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