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Six Cycle Year.

"Six signifies combat, as appears from the first chapter of Genesis, where mention is made of six days in which man is regenerated before he becomes celestial." - Swedenborg A.R.245

The Six Cycle Year is the urge to settle down, to be responsible, to find security; whether in a job or a relationship. There is an urge for family and stability. It's a time to pay down debt, to refinance and settle affairs. It is not the time to buy, sell or invest. The year is prone to worry and mental tension.

In the plant stage the buds develop and we begin to see the beauty of the expression of the Cosmic by the promise of fruit as things work in a natural way under the surface.

By bringing reason into your life by having clear desires, memories coming from subconsciousness are now under control. Now the relationship between our subconscious and self-conscious mind is one of loving agreement. We have given ourselves understanding - healing and forgiveness are united. The desire to attract attention - we now give to ourselves - and sickness is overcome.

In a six year all of our adversities must be seen as opportunities to correct our imagery. We can no longer try to escape our responsibilities by fighting change.

At this stage we are beginning to perfect our faith. We now understand that there are two kinds of faith, expectancy and fear - for we know we get what we want. (Swedenborg watched a gambling table and the persons aura went brighter just before they won.) - we feel the expectancy first.

Now in a six year you should be able to say that I made this and that I can make its' opposite.

number sixIn a six year we are practicing to be deserving of love. Beginning with our personality by overcoming negativity about our body and understanding that perfection is a quality of God - our future self.

"To take up the cross" means to fight against negative thoughts in our personality. To no longer allow Astral plane influences (hunches or negativity) to influence our peace. Our protection is our willingness to be led by intuition.

In a six year, it is humanity consciousness that receives ideas and specializes them. Our talents are the seeds we must plant. Humanity is a divine messenger, bringing light and life to others manifestations. Our personality must first receive this regenerative consciousness, which happens in a six cycle year..

Now, lets take your "future self image" established in your one cycle, with all of your spiritual qualities perfected established in your Two cycle year, plus all your play things added in your three year, your fabulous home and security added in your four year, your strength and courage developed in the five year, and now lets add the unfoldment of your talents for the greater good - your usefulness, your gift to others.

Now in a six cycle year your ideal life includes humanity consciousness - and our life becomes one of give and take.

Year 2013: Six Cycle Year: The Year of Balance

Welcome to 2013, which adds to a '6' the number of balance. If you have ever balanced a stone, you know the 'moment' of balance; the experience is magical, life changing, you never forget it. And it is because you 'felt' it. In fact - you felt you caused it! This balance (of the stone) brought you into a state of oneness; present, powerful, free (without the limiting self). Personality is like a stone, and when we understand the patterns that make up our personality, we can bring ourself into balance, at will. These patterns are layered; the core being perfect balance, which when 'centered', vibrates thru our being. We choose to 'sense' it, 'exalt' it, and 'recall' it, at will. In that moment of balance, we forget our own unhappiness. We become more ourself..., and more often.

Recently Marco Rodin discovered his vortex-based mathematics theory, the mathematical fingerprint of god. He used Numerology (Gematria) to analyze the Most Great Name of God of the Bahai Faith to arrive at it being equal to the number '9', being the omni-potent number, in the creation of the Rodin magnetic Coil. His theory states that our computers, our entire electrical system, even our entire reality and personal perspective are based on the numbers 01010101010, etc, which causes resistance, and creates a linear perspective. His vortex math theory discovered a flaw in the mathematics. When he placed the number nine in the center, it removed all resistance, and the electric coil produced more energy than it took to create it. The number '9' allowed the electricity to flow with only one wire (instead of our two-wire system, where the current flows in one direction; where one wire is positive, the other wire is negative). The current then alternated within the same wire, interweaving like the yin yang theory, and revealed the 'Taurus' energy - a spiritual energy not available in our present system. The number nine split into the '3' and the '6' and acted like mirrors, and these three numbers acted like one. His theory will create computers that are intuitive, and electrical energy that is self sustaining, and the influence will transform all of mankind out of the 'tick -tock' into a creative radiating center of love.

Most clients come to see me expecting me to answer questions about their love future, as if they had no part to play in it. I attempt to help bring them into balance like this mathematical formula so that they can attract the love they desire - some get it, some do not - but the energy still exists. The '6' represents the son of god, and is '3' times two, '3' being love expressed (love radiated out to others). In a '6' year the tendency is to expect to receive love, which is the 'tick-tock' system, as it requires the '3' to radiate and complete it, thereby fulfilling the desire nature. Practically speaking, if you spend any time waiting for love, or thinking about your love for others, or spending money and eating as a substitute for love, then it means you have plenty of love in you, just not how to radiate it. Therefore, it is time to get your butt into see me, while we are in such a propitious year to learn this valuable perspective of the balance, which unveils the law of love. Cheers!

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