Numerology: Nine Cycle Year

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Nine Cycle Year.

"Nine signifies conjunction." - Swedenborg 2075

The Nine Cycle Year is the conclusion and completion of our goal. It is still the harvest cycle but the harvest of the seeds - which we need for planting in the new cycle.

In the plant stage the fruit has been harvested and the plant begins to wither and drops its seeds. The ground is still littered with rotting fruit which will become the fertile ground for ideas to plant in the new cycle, which will begin in the following year.

It is gratitude to serve that make us give back to life. To be humanitarian. Its the time to be loving enough to let go of the things that must be left behind.

A time to reflect over the past and to conserve energy. To avoid self pity, for not being in the fruit of the cycle, but being humble, because we know that we must give, that which we expect.

We have experienced conscious identification with the radiant energy. We have experienced the unity that lies behind all appearances. We have learned to balance the pairs of opposites - our desire and intellect. We can experience conscious union with the divine self, merely by contacting our inner core of silence.

number nineYou have become a disciple - "of myself I can do nothing" - to depend continuously on the Intuition until personal effort is entirely dissipated.

It is the personality that is the subject of the transmutation. At this stage we understand that happiness is a physiological process that begins with what we eat, drink and breath. Our blood is charged with radiant energy and we have come to identify our will power with light power and it is the love that unites them - the master power.

Our personality is still growing toward perfection - which we now understand is a quality of God. We expect responsibility and support from others but not perfection - and we are at peace with that.

Call in your "future self image" with the feeling that you have established in your previous year. Now I want you to see this image life-size in front of you. Feel it as the perfect solution to everything you need and want. Now begin to see it as conscious radiant energy. Turn it around and have it step back into you. Hear the silence, see the power, feel the energy, fill yourself with the light and warmth - now you are centered, safe and secure. Good!

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