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Calculating Your Personal Cycle Year.

Knowing your Personal Cycle Year can help you understand a lot of the issues that you are experiencing now - and it is easy to calculate.

Birth Month + Day of Birth  + Universal (2006) Year + "Plus 1"
(Some Numerologists do not add an extra year - The theory is: when you are 1 yr. old, you have already lived a year, and are actually going into your second year - so I add it to predict the future.)

(Someone born: October 22, would be in a 5 Cycle year in 2006)
October=1, 22= 4,2006=8,"plus1"=1+4+8+1=14=1+4= 5 Cycle Year

Zero - our divine begining

Zero - Our Divine Beginning

Zero represents the darkness before creation -  the magic circle or core of silent power within the center of our being - our inner empty space.  It is the working power of the entire universe. It is a dynamic growing organism, and we live within its power.

Zero begins the creation of all other numbers, and it is between all numbers. Its influence on personality is the setting of goals - to teach and to grow. It contains the seed idea of the perfect human form which is the number One. Its ultimate goal is Unity - The Brotherhood of Man.

This Unity finds expression through the human form, but it does not make a sound. It is best described as Silence. It is responsible for all movement which creates a vibration, and this vibration is possible to feel.

To align ourselves with this power means to feel the contact of this silent vibration, to become convinced of a level of consciousness higher than our own intellectual level. Then, our environment is no longer seen as our adversary - we have found our own magic circle - our inner power of silence.

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