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World Peace thru Numerology.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung, "On the Psychology of the Unconsciousness", 1917

National Identity: We identify with what we Love.

"Someday the United Nations will punish a country, instead of with embargos, but by changing it's name." ( C. Tylor

The "name" of a country holds the collective consciousness of the people born or living there. Our national identity is expressed through the numbers of a particular country's name. When the numbers of a country's name are inharmonious, so too are it's people.

The naming of a country sets into a cyclic activity by the date and time of its charter (just like a birth date). It determines the ebb and flow of the economic cycles and its' national issues, such as war or peace; and if war is started in a down period, it influences whether it will win or lose.

The rulers of a country can lead the country into a disharmonious expression of an otherwise harmonious cycle and therefore cause spiraling cycles of despair or overspending, and these spiraling cycles contribute to their national identity.

When the underlying collective consciousness creates a sense of separateness, combined with the collective motive of the country's destiny, the nations self image is lost in a sea of self interest, of which only a disaster can correct.

A national disaster reaches out to the world consciousness which creates a beneficent influence from other countries. This beneficence alone helps to unwind the spiraling cycle of self-interest, and contributes to that nation repairing its' self-image.

A separate national identity is necessary in order to develop a more inclusive sense of self, and a more inclusive sense of a world identity is the outcome. It is not until the separate nations feel that they belong to the world consciousness will a state of peace prevail among the world.

Only through a collective world consciousness will a national identity change its' selfish motivation - and only crisis and disaster (without an enlightened national leader) will bring that about.

Crisis and conflict brings about enlightenment, and eventually a new world order based on the Brotherhood of Man will emerge, but not until we eliminate our national identity and see ourselves as belonging to the nation of The World - and eventually The United Nations Of The Universe.


Algeria 7/1/8, Argentina 7/1/8, Australia 6/6/3, Austria 5/3/8, Bahamas 3/6/9, Barbados 8/9/8, Belgium 8/7/6, Bermuda 9/1/1, Brazil 1/4/5, Bulgaria 5/3/8, Canada 3/3/6, Chile 5/5/1, China 1/7/8, Cyprus 3/9/3, Denmark 6/6/3, Caribbean 7/3/1, Egypt 5/5/1, England 6/6/3, Europe 1/7/8, Fiji 9/7/7, Finland 1/5/6, France 6/5/2, Germany 6/5/2, Greece 6/1/7, Great Britain 7/9/7, Holland 7/5/3, Hong Kong 3/7/1, Hungary 4/9/4, Iceland 6/6/3, India 1/9/1, Indonesia 3/6/9, Ireland 6/3/9, Israel 6/4/1, Italy 1/3/4, Jamaica 3/8/2, Japan 2/4/5, Jordan 7/1/8, Korea 3/2/5, Lebanon 3/6/9, Luxembourg 8/4/3, Malaysia 3/6/9, Mexico 2/4/6, Netherlands 2/1/3, New Zealand 3/3/6, Norway 7/8/6, Pakistan 2/8/1, Philippines 5/2/7, Poland 7/1/8, Portugal 1/1/2, Romania 8/9/8, Russia 4/2/6, Saudi Arabia 7/7/5, Singapore 3/2/5, Slovakia 8/1/9, South Africa 2/2/4, South Korea 3/4/7, Spain 1/4/5, Sudan 4/1/5, Sweden 1/6/7, Switzerland 6/1/7, Taiwan 2/3/5, Thailand 2/4/6, Trinidad 1/6/7, Tobago 4/2/6, Turkey 8/2/1, United States 6/8/5, The United States Of America 6/4/1, Venezuela 1/2/3, Zambia 2/5/7.

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