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" The trick to money, is having some." - Stuart Wilde

Cycle-Management Consultant

Numerology Readings reveals the 'motivation', or 'core-intention' of a person, product or business service - an influence not seen by appearance. By understanding these influences, allows you to determine and change a personality flaw, or a product's appeal. Imagine, a perfume created to appeal to a particular personality trait; or a stage name that generates an untold-truth, not captured with words. Or, how about if you could determine the level of trust that your product or business generated; or the type of service best suited to your address location. Using Numerology for personal use is a way to make fundamental changes in your life, almost effortlessly.

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This Numerology consultation answers a variety of questions about your year ahead. When is the best time to begin a project? When could you meet someone? Both your name and your partner's are analyzed to gain a greater understanding regarding the dynamics of the relationship. Use this Numerology consultation to plan events, such as choosing the best day for a Wedding, or planning long-term goals.
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Create a personal Prosperity signature for "check-signing" using your first name or initial, last name, plus middle initial, for greater prosperity and the feeling of love (It might be necessary to add a middle initial to your name without legally changing your name). The calculations are done by hand, therefore the fee can only be estimated. Approximate Fee $60. CAD* (by Email Only)
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Choose a personal balanced name, as a stage-name, for writing, and for greater happiness and prosperity. These calculations are all done by hand, therefore the fee can only be estimated. The Average Fee is about $180. CAD. (or $120. hour) (by Email Only)
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Choose a balanced corporate name for greater success and prosperity. Please submit a couple of corporate name examples and favorite word choices for me to start from. I will work until I have two or three name suggestions for you to choose from. These calculations are all done by hand, therefore the fee can only be estimated. It could be less, but the Average Fee is about $180. CAD. (or $120. hour)(by Email Only)
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Understand the effects of a name on your pet. Changing the spelling of a pet's name (or even pronouncing it as if it was spelled differently), can show immediate improvements in their temperament, health, and sociability . By appointment and by telephone or email. Fee $2 per minute. Approximately 60 minutes needed - $120.
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How to contact me.

To book a Numerology appointment, I prefer that you use the Contact Page, so that your Birth information is in writing and there are no mistakes.

Before the actual Numerology Reading I need the following:

  • Full name, including middle name or initial, (and your previous maiden name, if you have recently been married, less than about nine years).
  • Birth time, date and place of birth.
  • A brief description of any areas of your life you would like to focus on, or particular topics you would like to discuss during the consultation.
  • Your email address, and a telephone number.
  • For new clients, your payment is your appointment confirmation. I accept all major credit cards, debit cards, using PayPal, as well as personal/business checks,and money orders. The payment must arrive before any preparation begins.
  • For previous clients, in person, or by telephone, you may pay at the end of your consultation.

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