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Esoteric Pisces: Your Love Quality

Building A Finer Vehicle.

Remember how Superman was of Kryptonian heritage, that he came from the planet Krypton. It was his heritage that imbued him with his super-human abilities.

As a Pisces you are intuitively aware of your divine heritage, confirmed by your supersensitive nature and your capacity to attune with the collective suffering of mankind.

At this stage of development as a Pisces your task is to identify how every thought and action builds the corresponding structure into your cellular consciousness. Then to incorporate practices, such as meditation, to raise the cellular receptivity of your bodily organs.

It is not until there is a continual remembering of your divine heritage, combined with a repetitive clearing of outworn ways of thinking and feeling, do you build into your organism a regenerated personality.

Once the personality has been fully regenerated it can then more easily receive intuitive knowledge during meditation. It can then begin to use the creative imagination (Venus exalted) to establish in the blood stream the chemical qualities necessary to bring about an Illuminating experience.

Illumination results in cellular multiplication and the building of a finer structure that is able to receive much higher vibrations.

By overcoming the negative qualities that supersensitivity attracts, you thereby set yourself free from the collective suffering of mankind so that you can contribute to the collective evolution of the Brotherhood of Man.

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