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Esoteric Sagittarius: Your Love Quality

Being Human: Growth Through Trial.

After experiencing the wrath of living a mortal existence as a personality, with the testing and tempering until it is brought into balance, comes a conscious request to the higher self to clear the remaining false interpretations of your existence.

An inner connection has been established, but you are still on probation, and your testing continues until you have established a continuous remembering of this fact.

As each experience is acknowledged as a test and you reestablish your connection by holding an aspirating attitude, you are filled with a feeling of thankfulness (Jupiter: the only ruler), and this thankfulness is really an acknowledgement that all of life is one conscious living being.

When your tests become immediate acknowledgement, and acknowledgement becomes reverence, then the transmutation of the desire nature is complete.

Then you are filled with the understanding that you have always been protected and guided through all of your tests, and to demonstrate this understanding in all that you do - by applying the test results in your day to day actions.

Request It's Presence! And run toward the tests with your heart!

Esoteric Articles:

The 'Secret': The Law of Attraction By attuning with spiritual concepts you attract their corresponding powers and become them. Then the physical desires are raised from mere desire for personal fulfillment to being transformed - and you become more than human.

The 'Secret": the Science of Getting Rich Like it says, the ‘Secret’ has never been a secret, at least not for all the secret societies that have existed since the beginning of time. The secret societies have kept it a secret so that those that come across this information will not use it purely for personal gain.

Global Warming: A Lack of Charity Essentially, pollution is caused by a lack of charity - failure to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’. During incidences of road-rage we can feel the temperature of our blood rise, and so we know it’s our thoughts and emotions expressed as a lack of charity in response to others that fuel our anger and contribute to our polluted thoughts.

Meditation & Relaxation Techniques A relaxed body, is a relaxed mind. And a relaxed mind is receptive to any suggestion, and then all things are possible. With these meditations you can take a fascinating new look at your inner world. Build confidence to improve relationships with family and friends - and your business contacts, too! Friends or Lovers, all relationships improve when you embark on self-improvement.

What's in a Name: Numerology Who would you be if we could take away your name? Lets for a moment just pretend that we can take away your name and all the memories of who you are. Who are you now? - You would still exist, but with no memory of your past. You would experience your sense of self as a core of silence - with no mind chatter. This "empty" you is your true Self - a spiritual state of unity - awareness of the Divine Self.

The next Mercury Retrograde Three times a year for approximately three weeks, Mercury, the planet of communications turn retrograde. During this period, time seems to stand still, making it feel like one long day. It's a time to turn inward and reevaluate, redo or revamp. Back up your hard drive, double check all details, and prepare for delays or misunderstandings.

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