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Sagittarius Esoteric Astrology Correspondence

Esoteric Sagittarius: Your Key To Happiness

Verification: The testing of your love nature.

Verification is the testing and tempering of your love nature through trial and error, until you recognize the mistaken interpretation of your experience - you must live through the experience to truly know! But the energy ruling Sagittarius makes it difficult to see that your experiences are really just spiritual tests. And once your desire nature is fully tempered, it is revealed to you that you have been truly guided and protected through all of your tests - even loved, which then becomes your medicine!

Jupiter - your ruling planet.

Jupiter , the ruler of your sign, magnifies all of your propensities. Its dual influence causes expansion both physically and spiritually.

Its' beneficial influence creates a determined and resolute attitude, but when expended merely physically can lead to excesses of all kinds - riches, gluttony, and debauchery - all contributing to your 'live, live, live' attitude.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a divinely inspired attitude, allowing you to share your expanded upright philosophy that you have acquired through your tests and trials, with good humor - thus making all of your difficulties, and their lessons, blessed.

Mars - your motivation.

Like all planets, Mars too has a dual effect .

The first influence expended merely physically is to create a bold, daring, and brazen personality, resulting in rash, impudent, and disrespectful behavior in the hope that the embarrassment and awkwardness that your actions create for yourself, will cause a turning inward and a reformation.

The second influence is in the hope that in recognizing the way you express your excessive candor as cleverness and shrewdness, will cause a refinement of your communication tactics and a purging of the negative motives in your desire nature - eventually uniting you with the higher self.

The Sun - your good fortune.

The Sun, as the next fire sign, also has a dual purpose in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.

It influences you to be extremely honest but excessively frank and informal, to express your talents by helping others in their spiritual progress, and to develop your ego in a way that you can measure yourself against spiritual qualities such as: honor, integrity and faithfulness. Its' true potential is the level of the Higher Self - you becoming more yourself - a level of humanity consciousness - where you demonstrate your uprightness in your life by all your actions.

Exalted Planets:

There are no planets exalted in Sagittarius : Jupiter is the only ruler of Sagittarius. The Higher Self is the only ruler for the ninth house of the higher mind - and you must request its' help.

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