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Esoteric Sagittarius: Your Key To Relationship.

Requesting the power to choose the middle path.

Your opposite sign Gemini, the color orange, is the sign of 'mind energy' - the capacity to learn and develop the intellectual and rational faculty through effort and perseverance. But the mind energy is still at an immature level of mind and therefore manifests as dissipated and somewhat scattered, with the difficulty in applying oneself to long term tasks, and communication turning against others in verbal abuse, and because of the short term attention span, some difficulties in the ability to align with the higher mind.

As a Sagittarius the mind energy had become stabilized, but you are still on probation until the subconscious level of consciousness is cleared of the false interpretation of experience. Once the desire nature is purified through trial and error, and you respond with love automatically to the experiences presented to you, knowing those experiences are your testing, you can summon the higher self to assist in burning the patterns that still remain deep in the unconsciousness. At this stage you can not do it alone, and once that is recognized and there is a total acceptance of this fact, you can invoke the higher self to purify any remaining destructive motive.

Although the mind energy of a Sagittarius is well developed and has begun to be demonstrated in concepts of honor, integrity, and uprightness, the destructive motive that remains must be tempered so as to not allow the excessive focus on honesty and candor to hurt others. The whole 'work' is to learn to pause before you speak, to use you words to help others in their spiritual progress while being aware of the effect your words have on others.

Concepts of honor, integrity, and uprightness can become merely righteousness, a motive that is destructive. For merging with the higher mind, or anything else, including the divine, is impossible if you feel yourself as righteous - for there is sure to be conflict if you are all knowing. The dichotomy for you Sagittarius is that all personal motivation is based on the concept that others need your help in their spiritual progress, whereby your righteousness separates you from truly experiencing the other and thereby avoiding your own transformation.

So any 'helping others' is essentially a 'disguise' to avoid your own transformation, and since for a Sagittarius, not helping others in their spiritual quest usually means suppressing individuality, which would feel like a dissolution of your sense of self, which to a Sagittarius would create great inner conflict, which would eventually be expressed outwardly and physically as ..........? (you fill in the blanks).

True merging with the higher self can not take place without the purging of the 'righteousness' quality of personality that is deep in the unconscious level of the mind. For personality to transform and loosen its grip, it must request the presence of the higher self to burn the remnants that are too deep to change yourself. It is only through the exhaustion that ensues from the tests and trials of experience that surrender can take place and the request is made.

True supplication is a heart issue - not understood by the intellect. It takes a psychochemical change to make the shift; which is brought about through surrendering the process to the One Self. The surrendering acts as a subconscious signal that eventually shifts the sense of self through a chemical process, out of the conflict of righteousness, into balance, and transformation - a new perception in your experience of this reality, forever loved.

Life Lessons:
Inner Power: Aspiration.
Personality Blockage: Being right.
Transmutational Source: Spiritual inspiration.

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