Esoteric Astrology: Scorpio Correspondence

Scorpio Esoteric Astrology Correspondence

Esoteric Scorpio: Your Key To Happiness

Personality Transformation - your ultimate goal.

Pure Transformation is your mind purified of all sense of power being personal, or of the personality being the originator of any thought or emotion. For a Scorpio, that could be a difficult task, for the power ruling Scorpio is felt as purely personal, and therefore when power is perceived as being personal it is also experienced as sexually magnetic power, and thereby requires a very highly evolved soul to not use this power personally, and therefore selfishly.

Mars/Pluto - your ruling planets

Like all planets, both Mars and Pluto have dual qualities.

The first quality is that it creates a strong sense of sexually magnetic power, and sexual power is merely cosmic power perceived from a personal perspective. When power is perceived as being personal, it colors all of your actions as being personally originated, and therefore selfish. Its ultimate result is conflict and destruction - because all power is destructive if perceived as being personal.

The second quality begins with the hope that the illusion of power being personal will create a sense of isolation and separateness that will result in a turning inward. Then, the power that created the illusion of separateness, can be used for personality transformation, which results in a uniting with the eternal Self, where all your actions are guided by a purpose higher than personal self-love.

Neptune/Jupiter - your motivation.

The planets Neptune and Jupiter, the next water sign rulers, also have a dual quality that influence your ultimate outcome as becoming more then just human.

The first influence makes you keenly perceptive, and increases your sensitivity but also the illusionary quality connected with sensitivity, thereby contributing to exaggerated feelings of grandeur whereby power is experienced as being personal and interpreted as you being excessively sexually magnetic.

Its' 'true' potential is to increase your sensitivity to the unseen realms through your imagination until the misuse of your imagination buries you in a quagmire of false imagery and you begin to use your reproductive desire to produce images that free you from your false sense of self and your old ways of thinking. When your reproductive desire is freed from the dependency on the physical body for its happiness, it results in a change of consciousness - your mind being transformed from the delusion of separateness into a vehicle for the One Self.

Moon - your good fortune.

The following water sign ruler, the Moon , magnifies all of your propensities. Its dual influence is responsible for retaining memories both personal and spiritual.

Its' beneficial influence makes you mentally keen and delicately skillful but crafty. And when expended merely physically can lead to excessive bombardment of negative memories of all kinds; early childhood sexual experiences, extreme desire for emotional security, and childish emotional responses - all contributing to your 'my personal power' attitude.

When used Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a calm sense of peace, free from personal memories of the past. A peaceful mind allows memory to access a higher level of thought ... intuitively guided to become a better person, and to express your powers gently.

Exalted Planets:

Uranus exalted in Scorpio: When the Uranus energy, (the refining power) is used to raise the Mars energy (drive, sexual energy) from being expended on imagery that is merely personal (and sexual), it becomes the Pluto energy (transformation, the higher octave of Mars) and changes your false interpretation of personality into the radiant glory of the Immortal Self - and the correct evaluation of your place in the cosmic plan.

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