Seaweed Beauty Jelly Preparation Recipes

homemade seaweed beauty jelly

Three Natural Seaweed Jells:
Serum, Jelly, and Paste

"Diaphanous forms transmit spiritual light, as crystal transmits natural." - Swedenborg.- D.L.W. 245

The recipes in this book use three different seaweed jells. The first is a Seaweed Serum (page 9), and used in the skin and sun treatment recipes. The second is a Seaweed Jelly (page 10), used only in the Herbal Treatments recipes, in chapter five. The third is a Seaweed Paste (page 11), and used only in the Spa Treatments, in chapter seven.

1. Scented Seaweed Serum:

The Seaweed Serum (page 9) is the name I use for the jell made from (choose seaweed type recipe Page 6) seaweed. It is the main ingredient used as the base in all of the recipes. It binds and mixes the other ingredients into a smooth luxuriant consistency - a kind of 'carrier' or 'transporter'. You may leave the Serum-based recipes on your skin day and night if needed, as used ~ Read More: Order Book →

2. Scented Seaweed Jelly:

The Seaweed Jelly recipe (see seaweed types Page 6) is made to the consistency of a Jelly. The additional liquid needed for the recipe, may be teas, distilled essences, or whatever liquid you desire. The Jelly is fine enough to wash off in the shower, therefore perfect for full body treatments.

3. Scented Seaweed Paste:

The Seaweed Paste (page 11) is made from (see page 11). The Paste has a longer drying time than the Serum, and is for deep pore cleaning, spa treatments, and body wraps, or, used to make poultices for the medicinal herbal treatments. It is perfect to blend with ~ Read More: Order Book →

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