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Esoteric Taurus: Your Love Quality

A Hunch or Intuition.

Remember the super-sensitive hearing that Superman had, the ability to listen with awareness and hear subliminal sounds that penetrated through time and space. To know in advance of pending doom and to trust what he heard.

A super-man understands this connectedness to "all", and that is what gives you your intuition, and it is strengthened when your desires are grounded in love.

As a Taurus you have your energy ruled by Venus and thus magnifying the love nature, and because Taurus rules hearing, and hearing is a response to sound, hearing unites you with the higher levels of Self through the vibration of sound.

Your response to this vibration is your contribution to creation. So, if you were to stay on the receiving end of sound you would be swept up in the response, and translate it as the desire for sensual stimulation and enjoyment.

But because sound is fluctuating, its effect is temporary and transient as well, and therefore so is enjoyment. It is only after much emotional pain that comes from broken attachments and disappointing expectations that leads you into a search for a way of expressing a higher form of love.

These accumulated memories of pain have been formed from unfulfilled expectations that have blocked the "purer" sound of love, in the hopes that you will desire a more inclusive way of expressing yourself.

When your response is no longer just self-enjoyment (Venus ruler), and your personal memory (the Moon) becomes free to interpret the sound vibration differently, then personal memory can be used to access higher levels of cosmic memory. (the Moon exalted)

When personal memory is clear it becomes Intuition, and intuition is really an inner instruction, directing you on your path to Pure love - your Ruler.

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