Taurus Esoteric Correspondence

Taurus Esoteric Astrology Correspondence

Taurus: Your Key To Happiness

Pure Intuition: - your ultimate goal.

Pure Intuition is: - the mind and desires purified of all personal motive and for a Taurus, that is a difficult task, for the energy ruling Taurus is felt as purely desirous.

Venus - your ruling planet

Like all planets, Venus has a dual nature.
The first part of its' dual nature pulls you into physicality with pleasure as your motivating force. But since pleasure and enjoyment is created from a sense of longing, its' fulfillment is tinged with emotional pain and heartbreak because all attachments and expectations ultimately lead to disappointment for everything ages and goes out of style eventually.

The second quality is that as a result of the heartbreak and disappointment that arises from using and manipulating for your own ends is the hope that it will cause a turning inward where you will begin to transform your values and de-emphasize love involvements in search of a purer form of love - with desire under control, intuitive awareness emerges.

Mercury - your motivation.

Mercury, as the next earth sign ruler also has a dual quality in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.
The first aspect of its' quality influences you "to herd" others and to nudge them toward your goals through communication and interaction in order to fulfill your desires. Coming to terms with others 'values' helps you to use your mind in a way that develops your intuition.

Mercury's 'true' potential is the level of clear channel - where personal intellect and physical desire are put aside in place of inspiration and clarity - being fulfilled.

Saturn - your good fortune.

Saturn, the following earth sign ruler condenses and slows all of your activities. Its influence causes responsibility and stability both physically and spiritually.

Its' stabilizing influence expended merely physically can lead to conforming in responsible ways to fulfill your insatiable needs and to reach fulfillment of your desires - leading to marriage (instead of just fun), collecting things (instead of just enjoying things) giving you the illusion that their is some permanence to physical forms - all still contributing to your 'must have it' attitude and thereby merely disguising it.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a practical vision, and a deep sense of responsibility toward family and loved ones. This allows you to satisfy some of your desires and still deal with the accumulated heartbreak in a way that is safe - your disappointment is sublimated but accepted.

Exalted Planets:

The Moon is exalted in Taurus : When the Moon energy, (personal memory) is reprogrammed to only recall past thoughts that make you feel good, then desire (Venus) eventually become clear of its longing, turning upward to inspiration, thereby causing intellect (Mercury) to be freed, to become a clear channel (instead of hanging onto images), in order to ground the state of cosmic consciousness (Saturn) whereby memory is exalted into Pure Intuition, and the Real You becomes identified with all forms!

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