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Taurus Esoteric Astrology Balancing

Esoteric Taurus: Your Key To Relationship.

Recalling your Divine nature - thru Intuition.

Your opposite sign is Scorpio, the color green- blue, the sign of 'letting go' - a level of consciousness where you identify with being all forms - eternal - no longer the need for attachment, hanging on, or preserving and manipulating forms to conform to your needs.

Esoterically, there really is no permanence on the physical plane of consciousness that is temporary, therefore all attachment is a reflection of an inner immature selfishness. Things are merely a mirror, and understanding that is the lesson for the sign Taurus.

All forms hold memory. It is in the form itself that holds the desire to be loved. When you admire or desire to possess some object it is the object that is desiring to be loved, and it brings out the love for that object in you which creates the longing to own and make it permanent. Owning anything is impossible if you feel yourself as empty - for the object is sure to cause conflict within if emptiness exists there.

True love is letting go, and giving the love we have within replenishes it. The dichotomy for a Taurus is that all personal motivation is based on the need to be valued and made permanent and then acted out by finding that value in things in a projected form.

So your whole sense of self is devised by what you value and those values have determined your motivation. So real owning or 'becoming one with is impossible without personality transformation, and that is the task for a Taurus. (If a Taurus' identity is based on what it owns or earns, then what would motivate you to value things that have no monetary value - like goodness, compassion and mercy.)

So any 'value' is essentially a disguise or distraction technique to hide your longing and emptiness. And since for a Taurus, letting go usually means denying individuality, then giving, and accepting change, would feel like a dissolution of the sense of self, which to an Taurus would create great inner conflict, and would eventually be expressed outwardly as...........? (you fill in the blanks).

True loving is a letting go and can not take place without the destruction of intellect, and transformation of the desire nature. Intellect requires unfulfilled expectations to be transformed, and desire requires heartbreak to be inspired.

It is only through attachment and misery are intellect and desire put aside so that the energy can be used to build a receptive and devotional state of being. And although this results in a loss of identity, it is the beginning of the dissolution of the self that leads to the eternal NOW. It is in this weakened state that memory no longer seeks for fulfillment in the past but reaches for a solution with its' resulting highest manifestation - intuition.

True and pure loving is a spiritual issue, and it is not until a Taurus is willing to 'let go' can you change your emotional reaction to be more in line with this level of love, and thereby bringing more love into the eternal now, thus weakening the grip that beautiful forms, and luscious tastes have over you.

It takes a psychochemical change to make the shift; which is brought about through greater emotional letting-go (Scorpio - Water, emotional - your balance), which acts as a subconscious signal that eventually shifts your sense of self through a chemical process, out of the longing and heartbreak, (and merely replacing objects), into balance, transformation and fully present living in the 'eternal now', brought about by a silencing of personal memory - and the strengthening of a Purer Intuition (Esoteric Taurus) - Be still, and know!

Life Lessons:
Inner Power: Manifestation.
Personality Blockage: Self-Indulgence.
Trans mutational Source: Self-worth.

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