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Mars Conjunct

Mars Conjunction Sun
Overall energy, positive assertiveness rise for a few days and may make up for other low points. Where it's mixed with highs, be careful not to overdo or strain yourself, as the letdown later may leave you more drained than you had anticipated. You're turbocharged from the inside, so don't blow out your muffler.

Mars Conjunction Moon
It's easy to make quick, lightning reactions to situations for the surrounding few days that you might come to regret later. Pace your emotions when they tend to fly off the handle, at least insofar as you commit actions you cannot retract. If you shoot from the hip, it could be your foot that pays for it.

Mars Conjunction Mercury
A fast word in edgewise may come particularly easy right now, but make sure it really applies to the situation and isn't just slipped in gratuitously. Words are easily let loose into the environment, but not so easily brought back home once free. Put your ideas into the mix, but don't hog the conversation.

Mars Conjunction Venus
The opportunity for self-gratification is likely to be upon you, so seize it and get the most mileage out of it. Only, beware that it does not develop into a sudden drain upon your resources in the process. Otherwise, enjoy, do exactly what you want. There is no time like the present to indulge in your passions.

Mars Conjunction Mars
This is a very important work cycle peak, representing new jobs, new positions, new projects, and new goals developing in the surrounding month that will last for the next two years. What you accept, you're stuck with for that time, so choose well. Impact your options, then make your power moves with renewed vigor.

Mars Conjunction Jupiter
Boundless energy and enthusiasm can overwhelm, like a herd of runners all attempting the hundred-yard dash. You may want to think about not joining that herd but siphoning off some of the energy around you in a more reasoned way. Overweening eagerness lacks staying power, but ardor can be a thrill when channeled.

Mars Conjunction Saturn
Nailing down your perimeters and mending fences comes naturally right now -- the separation between yourself and others needs to be accentuated to gain recognition for what is unique on both sides. Credit gained and credit owing need delineation now. Dispense with idols with feet of clay.

Mars Conjunction Uranus
A general tendency to fire off too fast, shoot from the hip and miss, and boil over unpredictably marks this as a very volatile time. Accidents abound, tempers flare, and sudden moves bring cause for regret. Look both ways crossing the street and avoid potentially explosive situations -- and don't fly off the handle yourself.

Mars Conjunction Neptune
Camouflaged movement can make the world a slippery and uncertain stage, but magic tricks can both entertain and educate. Reality is not all it seems, even when you're the one in charge, but creating and performing illusions is where the money is. Time for that backfield zigzag that fools them all, scores the winning touchdown.

Mars Conjunction Pluto
Why hit a carpet tack with a hammer when you can use a pile driver? That's the philosophy in the air, so you'll likely see a lot of overkill going on at every level. Diplomacy is for wimps, hit 'em with both barrels. A good time for it, where a high level of force is truly necessary, but choose your shots and don't waste ammunition.

Mars Conjunction Midheaven
Although you may not notice it, this is a cycle peak for getting noticed and talked about by others around in either positive or negative ways. Thus, this time may have careerrepercussions which you should watch out for as they become clear later. Listen carefully so you can troubleshoot or ride the wave.

Mars Conjunction Ascendant
This is the peak of your accident cycle, so watch out for the possibility of personal injury, mostly through rash moves of oversight on your own part. The inclination to move quickly may make you miss perils you ordinarily would have noticed. Look both ways, twice, before crossing the street

Mars Opposite

Mars Opposition Sun
Irregular stop-and-go energy that's hard to even out can make for annoyance and cause you to miss your mark on the first try. Follow-through will tame it when you get the rhythm, but be prepared to have a second go at whatever you are trying to accomplish to refine your efforts and correct hasty mistakes.

Mars Opposition Moon
Waves of strong emotion may come and go, with periods of intense feeling followed by tapped-out times when you're not up to getting involved. It can be easy to be more passionate than the situation demands and overwhelm people with your powerful approach, only to puzzle them when you back off entirely.

Mars Opposition Mercury
Great ideas brought on strong that subsequently lose their grip may cause delay and rerouting. Make sure you've got all your ducks in a row before committing to action, even if that means going over it two or three times. First out of the gate is not often first to the finish line, so don't buy the first thing you see.

Mars Opposition Venus
Opportunities to do what you want and get what you need can be a bit spotty, so watch out that that sure bet doesn't suddenly slip through your grasp. It may take more than one try to accomplish what's necessary, and don't hesitate to try alternate routes if they present themselves. There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Mars Opposition Mars
It's just about now that you're getting a bit fed up with your present position, direction, and job and are starting to look for a new direction. Look well, plan now, and focus its realization for your next Mars cycle return in about a year. However, don't slack off, as completing what you're doing now is critical to your next move.

Mars Opposition Jupiter
Big plans and the energy to fuel them may not always be in the same place at the same time, so despite enthusiasm, progress may be stop and go, like a car that backfires when you put the hammer down. Time for a little tune-up, refining how resources are allocated to keep up productivity and morale.

Mars Opposition Saturn
It may be hard to get yourself moving in areas in which you are set in your ways. Expect someone else to do it for you if you don't, so light into ingrained habits that have lost their true value and substitute a new approach. It may take a couple of tries to accomplish it, but you'll be happy you did

Mars Opposition Uranus
Follow-up can be a problem right now, as inspiration and insights go as quickly as they come. If you keep at it, they will all build up into something tangible, just don't get annoyed if you don't hit the mark with the first shot. Just fire away until you get the range, and from then on you'll be on target.

Mars Opposition Neptune
It may be a little hard to keep a tight focus on your energies, as distractions can pull you off course and misleading road signs cause detours that take up limited resources. If you can afford to wander a bit and enjoy the scenery, now's the time, as you may find keeping your eye on the ball and the matter at hand less than interesting.

Mars Opposition Pluto
You may have to dig deep to uncover the strength to move obstacles blocking your path. Indeed, you may find that their presence is in part due to yourself, so be ready to go at it hammer and tongs, back off, and then try again. When you prove you have what it takes to outlast the resistance, it will melt away.

Mars Opposition Ascendant
Draw your strength from a partner where you can, as relationships will enliven you as long as you don't allow yourself to be drawn into an argument. In return, be protective and watch the backs of the ones you care for, as they may need it. Shared energy more than doubles your output, and sometimes it's nice to lean on another shoulder

Mars Opposition Midheaven
Mars Enters 4th House
The next couple of months may demand action behind the scenes that may tempt you to cut the Gordian knot at home, where the greatest harm can come from it. Patience will be its own reward when forceful actions have been tempered by wisdom and forethought.

Mars Sextile

Mars Sextile Sun
A steady, even gait eats up the miles and leaves you feeling effortlessly refreshed. You don't have to be miserly with your fuel to save on gas, just do your body's speed limit without going over and you'll have plenty extra to burn. A well-banked fire burns hot and steady, and it lasts the whole night through.

Mars Sextile Moon
You can demonstrate strong support without showing off, use your steady reactions to shore up others without actually carrying them entirely. A few well-placed and gently repeated opinions can instill courage and hope that puts a new lease on life and will have you being thanked in days to come.

Mars Sextile Mercury
Patient energy applied over time brings the best solutions at the lowest cost. Don't worry about instant answers -- there aren't any -- just keep at it and all will become clear before you know it. Haste makes waste, slow and steady win the race. When you think things through and then follow through, you're the winner.

Mars Sextile Venus
Steady efforts provide regular rewards, and you needn't strive too hard to get what you want -- just keep at it. Shared energies and shared goals mean you don't have to provide all the fuel to keep things running. Cruising speed is all you need, and keeping good company makes it all the sweeter when you arrive.

Mars Sextile Mars
Taking smaller actions is preferable than making giant pushes. Nudge things along evenly and you'll find yourself actually picking up speed without getting pooped out. A sprinter collapses after a hundred yards, but a jogger eats up the miles and is energized at day's end. Don't walk, don't run -- jog.

Mars Sextile Jupiter
Cruise control is the key to forward motion, so don't waste time pumping the pedal, just set it for the speed limit and keep your hands on the wheel -- the rest will take care of itself. When operations are well-tuned, you can afford to be on automatic along with the rest of the world, driving without distraction.

Mars Sextile Saturn
It takes firm ground and good traction to run a long race, and that's what is available for those willing to take advantage of it now. Put the heat on low and slow cook that roast until it's perfectly tender. Playing the long game is easy -- Rome wasn't built in a day, and that's how it became the Eternal City.

Mars Sextile Uranus
Little improvements and small innovations make life easier and bolster speed and efficiency. New approaches free up energy, freshen attitudes so it's easier to get along, breathe easier. Youthful reinvention creates a general pride in accomplishment that's easily shared by all those creating it.

Mars Sextile Neptune
Small illusions and occasional flattery grease the path for everyone -- manners based on consideration of others makes even the most insincere friendships rewarding. Gilding the truth does not always mean lying, just spreading cheer and optimism that invigorates and rejuvenates all concerned.

Mars Sextile Pluto
Being firm but not controlling is the key to getting along for everyone. Stick to your guns but don't point them at others and all will go smoothly. When expectations are clear, it is easy to achieve harmony and mutual cooperation. The mere assumption that it's going to work out is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mars Sextile Ascendant
Add your strength to close friends or special colleagues and you'll get it back in spades. Ride the ground swell where it presents itself and you'll find that one wave leads to another without your ever having to push. A friendly hand is there to help row, and one stroke follows another to put you in the lead.

Mars Sextile Midheaven
Hidden energies rise to support career efforts, and you may find support coming from hidden sources that may not easily reveal themselves. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but incorporate what appears into your own best efforts and be thankful that the Universe works in strange ways, even to your advantage.

Mars Trine

Mars Trine Sun
An even and predictable flow of energy adds more reliable power to your day and you're not likely to run out of steam before getting where you want to go. Ever-renewing vigor will have you in the pink, especially if you use some of it for the sheer pleasure of exercise and rejoicing in the pleasure of your body.

Mars Trine Moon
Steady emotional energy right now can make you a person to lean on, with enough get up and go to share. You're in there with a strong feeling, but to lead rather than overwhelm. Your reactions to the situation help act as a regulator that evens out rough edges while adding extra juice to the mix.

Mars Trine Mercury
If it seems like a pretty good idea, it probably is. Plans hatched now will likely have legs and won't be short of the follow-though they need to get accomplished. An energized mind fires up the body as well, and the more enthusiasm you stir up inside, the farther you will go.

Mars Trine Venus
You attract the energetic and energize the attractive, so take this time to make some serious inroads on fulfilling previously elusive desires. Acting sure of yourself will get you everything - show that you're in it for the long run and you'll run in the company of champions. Fluidity of motion eases the race and catches the eye.

Mars Trine Mars
You should be pretty much up to speed and moving at an optimum pace; take notes about how you're doing it, so when you're feeling strained later you can revert to your present settings. You are getting the most out of the least, energy wise, and your work is probably reflecting that.

Mars Trine Jupiter
Acceleration is easy and an abundance of energy is available to fuel new projects, new approaches. Exercise makes you only feel stronger and it's a joy to push the envelope and watch it grow bigger. Strain is a thing of the past, and outgoing, ebullient manners are the order of the day.

Mars Trine Saturn
Long, easy strides eat up the miles once you establish a pace that doesn't overtax and won't wind you. You don't have to do the speed limit to get there first, just don't make a lot of rest stops. That's the general outlook now, so roll with it. Beginnings now have a long and steady road ahead of them.

Mars Trine Uranus
Surprising and original ways to channel energies and get things done allow a faster pace and a more entertaining lifestyle. Newness sparks energy and there is an openness to future thinking that allows for greater scope of action. It's a good time for launching almost anything, so jump in and start the ball rolling.

Mars Trine Neptune
Ideal thrusts and parries are easy to make and the show is entertaining enough to make progress without getting bored. Putting energy into dream-building is just the thing and the more you put your shoulder into it, the more help you'll get from others you convince to follow your star. Belief and deeds go hand in hand.

Mars Trine Pluto
Forceful action is highlighted by confidence and follow-through, which doubles the available power at hand. Swing through, not at, the ball and it will fly straight and true. Today's beginnings will grow self-reliant and reliable, fueled by faith and conviction that converts to action anytime, anywhere.

Mars Trine Midheaven
Beef up your health, energize your resources, and get physical. The power of the mind is
dependent on the strength of the body, so put something in to get something out. Treat
yourself well, be a treat to others, and know that self-indulgence is sometimes the best road
to self-realization.

Mars Square

Mars Square Sun
There may be a certain nervous, even grating, quality to your energy that can drive you into repetitive activity, perhaps to hone down some project until it's just the way you want it. Quality is one thing, but if you push it too far, you'll find diminishing returns will have tapped you out without the results you wanted.

Mars Square Moon
Resist the temptation to get on your and everybody else's nerves by needling people or repeating yourself too much. A feeling of urgency to get things done is contrasted by the environment's seeming reluctance to let it happen all the way. Do the best you can -- put in your comment, and then move on.

Mars Square Mercury
Resist the temptation to burn out your brain by attacking the same problem again and again. If you don't get it perfect the first couple of tries, try setting it aside for more work later and engage something else. It's easy to waste mental and physical energies right now, despite having all the best intentions.

Mars Square Venus
Desires too hotly pursued often cloy, and the more you push, the less satisfactory the result. If the first couple of tries don't get you all you want, figure that's all you're reasonably going to get for the moment -- save your energy for a new need that will require your loose juice to satisfy.

Mars Square Mars
You can chase your tail trying to get something done until you're totally tapped out, or you can do only what is absolutely necessary and save some energy for later. The temptation is to do the former, but wisdom dictates the latter. Sparks fly like a knife on a whirling grindstone, but the knife is sharp enough already.

Mars Square Jupiter
Upward spirals consume evermore energy without making much upward progress, and those urging on their stallions may really be beating a dead horse. Wasting energy in the interest of imagined accomplishment can really tax resources, so take a second look before you jump in and tax yourself in the general fray.

Mars Square Saturn
Trying to push on too hard in the face of incremental resistance puts a strain on everyone, with some accompanying lessons to be learned. To wit, don't pursue energy-wasters once you've spotted what's happening. If you're not getting anywhere, move on to the next and return another day to finish up.

Mars Square Uranus
Sparks fly as honing in on issues gets problematical and irritation makes for rough handling. Mistakes born of haste are not easily corrected and repeated efforts are best marked off to experience. Itchy and edgy, the mood is unsettled and it's not the best time for laying down foundations where steadiness is required.

Mars Square Neptune
Constantly getting lost can really slow things down, and a general tendency not to ask for directions or not to understand them has everyone spinning their wheels. Quicksand is mistaken for solid ground and it takes a lot of thrashing about to regain the shore. It might be better just to wait for a change in the weather.

Mars Square Pluto
A maze of twists and turns emerges from dodging too many roadblocks without having a real plan. The only sure way out of a maze is to make turns in only one direction, right or left, but clearly few know that. Don't push the envelope, circle around inside it until you find the door, then vamoose.

Mars Square Midheaven
Putting your energy into your self-image or even attending to a partner may not be the best way to promote yourself to the public. The demand for maintaining your reputation may be unnecessarily taxing, especially if you tend to it too closely. Put your best efforts forward, then let them speak for themselves.

Mars Square Ascendant
Energy drawn away from you by other responsibilities or calls for help can leave you drained, especially as things begin to repeat themselves at home or work. Give what you can of yourself, but not down to the last drop -- keep some reserve for your own needs, don't push the immune system too hard.

Mars thru the Signs

Mars Enters Aries

The general urge to act becomes stronger for some time, and often the actions come too quickly and precipitously, so be prepared for rash moves and subsequent retractions or redirections. Be cautious not to be swept along unless you really mean to follow through and know what you're doing. If you do, however, the tide is with you.

Mars Enters Taurus
The need to get on with things takes a slow turn for some time to come, as actions become of necessity more deliberate, sometimes ponderously so. Although headway may be gradual all around, it's a good time for laying solid foundations and putting the sweat of your brow into investments that will last a long time.

Mars Enters Gemini
There's a hurry-up quality of the surrounding energy for a while that emands a lot of projects get tended to with dispatch, if not with thoroughness. Choices abound for channeling resources, and mobility and flexibility are everyone's hallmark for the moment. Take it in short bursts, as everyone else is.

Mars Enters Cancer
People will be exerting themselves with some amount of caution for some time to come, as the inclination is to put all your energy into one, cherished effort and nurture it through, ignoring other prospects or demands. That doesn't make for good team play, but it favors solo artists who know what they're up to.

Mars Enters Leo
There's a roly-poly feel to the environmental energy for some time to come, kind of like the more you put out, the better you feel, and the more fun it gets, assuming you're making some kind of headway. But even if not, a lot of it is about the game, in and of itself. If you play only to win, this can be a distracting period, indeed.

Mars Enters Virgo
Focused energy is the name of the general game for some time to come, with measured and targeted tasks the preferred approach. Efforts that benefit from attention to detail are favored, and generalists may be sidelined until the current assignment is completed. Get a copy of the rules (you probably won't have to look far) and play along.

Mars Enters Libra
When you come to the fork, take both roads - that's the game for some time to come, as playing both ends against the middle is what everybody's trying to do. It takes twice the energy to invest in both sides of a contest, so activity is high and so is exhaustion. If you really know where you're headed, you don't have to play this round.

Mars Enters Scorpio
The best-laid plans of mice and men are just getting underway, and every action has not just a plan but a plot hatching along with it. A lot of it is about conserving, and not sharing, the available energy and resources, so don't expect to participate without paying the price of loyalty beyond suspicion - which may not always be worth it.

Mars Enters Sagittarius
There's going to be a tendency to go flat out without thinking too much about it for a while, so just being out in the world may be a bit tiring if you're trying too hard to keep up with everything. Nobody's being that selective, so those who are will have the long-term advantage, if not the short-term favor.

Mars Enters Capricorn
Don't be surprised as if it seems like everybody's trying to run a marathon with their lives for a while. A sustained energy level abounds that makes for workaholic productivity that may not actually pay off. Do what's necessary, but don't beat a dead horse just because there are still hours left in the day to do it.

Mars Enters Aquarius
It's all about distribution of energy right now, laying out a map of everything that might need tending to and allocating for it. That's the general wisdom, anyway, but if you're on a focused or fast track, you could put aside a lot of fuel you'll never use for tasks you'll never do, thus sidelining resources. Don't be a follower, make your own decisions.

Mars Enters Pisces
A delicate, sensitive touch and a slow hand are the order of the day, and subtle movements are in demand. That may be partly due to confusion and hesitation, which aren't missing from the scene, but hopefully it is because people have their antennae up and are really listening before making a move. Feel your way with the rest, you could learn something.

Mars thru the Houses

Mars Enters 1st House
This nearly two-year cycle to your first house brings a buildup of tensions and energy that can propel you like a rocket or blow out your O-rings in precipitous disaster. Like a wild horse, you can tame it for a ride or it may throw you in accidents, mishaps.

Mars Enters 2nd House
The urge to spend swiftly and put all your eggs in one basket is great for a month or two, but watch you don't get derailed in your haste. If you must commit all your resources, watch them like a hawk and leave yourself some maneuvering room.

Mars Enters 3rd House
The coming two months may make for furious pressure to get things across to others, often in haste, often too much for the time frame. Better to cut back and make things clear to a few than spew out half-baked messages to the many -- cool your brain.

Mars Enters 4th House
The next couple of months may demand action behind the scenes that may tempt you to cut the Gordian knot at home, where the greatest harm can come from it. Patience will be its own reward when forceful actions have been tempered by wisdom and forethought.

Mars Enters 5th House
A couple of months to play hard, and harder. The result can be a fantastic time, a renewal of creativity, and fuel to draw on for a longtime -- or it can mean hangovers, pulled muscles, or assorted other griefs of overdoing. Take care

Mars Enters 6th House
A bootstraps push to put things back in order the next month or two is natural -- and can profit you, but it can be overdone as well. The temptation to cut out important details in favor of finishing up will haunt you later. Slow down and pace yourself.

Mars Enters 7th House
The next two months may bring you some flak from persons closest involved with you -- strong input, for sure, which should be patiently fielded to avoid confrontation or split-ups. Let all speak: passions will subside, priorities prevail.

Mars Enters 8th House
The next couple of months may impel you into the financial affairs of others and precipitously stretch your credit -- do so only if the goals and outcome are clear and well thought-out. Shooting from the hip could get you there first, only to finish last.

Mars Enters 9th House
Big, ambitious, adventurous ideas can come barreling in for a month or two, propelled by the urge to boldly go somewhere, but you'd better check your coordinates before beaming down. It might be the wrong universe -- but maybe not. Sensors on.

Mars Enters 10th House
The next two months can bring sudden public shock waves to your life that could be damaging or, if well fielded, turned distinctly to your advantage. You can't control what someone will say about you, but you can seriously affect the way others interpret it.

Mars Enters 11th House
Keep your eye out for sudden infusions of opportunity in the guise of other persons who may serve you well. Make sure it's not just bluster meant to impress, but solid sincerity you can depend on later. Enthusiasm rides high, keep a weather eye.

Mars Enters 12th House
Blows struck from behind your back can blindside you in the next month or so, so shore up your defenses where you don't think you need them, as that's where they'll hit you. If you're well-defended now, you won't need to overreact in return

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