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Progressed Moon Signs

Secondary Progressed Moon.

Progressed Moon Signs Interpretations

Secondary Progressed Moon Thru the Signs

Progressed Moon into Aries
You're entering a phase of emotional directness and impulsiveness now, one marked by forceful and powerful feelings. Emotional beginnings, a fresh start, perhaps the establishment of new habit patterns - make sure they're good ones, because they'll set the tone for you for quite some time to come!

Progressed Moon into Taurus
A feeling of being at peace and stable on the emotional level comes into prominence at this time. Stability and permanence satisfy a deep emotional need. Music is likely to play a more important role for you than usual, and a period of material acquisition can satisfy a deep yearning to be free from want.

Progressed Moon into Gemini
You're entering a period of emotional change now: feeling two ways at once without getting too deep into either polarity is possible. Habits are in a cycle of change; variety satisfies a deep inner need. Being on the go and keeping a finger to the winds of change make you feel in touch. Learning and communicating scratch an instinctive itch.

Progressed Moon into Cancer
Emotional security, a sense of belonging and nurturing: these issues are felt instinctively now. You want roots; you crave a sense of intimate connection that will last - a castle against the vicissitudes of the world, so to speak.

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Progressed Moon into Leo
A need to be the center of attention takes hold in your life now - a craving to give and to be appreciated for your gifts. This can be an expansive, creative, and even romantic phase, a time you'll look back on with pride and fondness.

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Progressed Moon into Virgo
Taking care of business is a major theme where your emotional orientation is concerned now. You crave organization and practicality, and you want to get things accomplished. You aim to have a place for everything and everything in its place - and anything that gets in the way gets on your nerves. Health and work goals take on greater importance for you now.

Progressed Moon into Libra
Refinement and relationships are the keys to emotional satisfaction for you now. Harmony and beauty are deeply satisfying - and the lack of them can be emotionally unsettling. Close personal ties to other people are a focal point for your feelings - marriage and other partnerships could be a key arena for this.

Progressed Moon into Scorpio
Sex, power, and money are compelling aphrodisiacs now. Secrets, taboos, and mysteries appeal to a deep instinctive yearning. Learning what makes people tick turns you on. Your instinctive orientation at this time is toward getting down to brass tacks and starting over from scratch - healing comes from destroying the roots of a disturbance.

Progressed Moon into Sagittarius
A feeling that anything is possible if you set your sights high enough characterizes the cycle you have just begun. There is optimism, there is faith, and there is a tendency to take chances at the deepest emotional levels. This is a time of exploring your feelings, a kind of restlessness for new emotional experience ... divine wanderlust, if you will.

Progressed Moon into Capricorn
Emotional seriousness, a sober orientation, and a practical awareness of the nature of time: these are keynotes of your deepest feelings now. There is a tendency to be too strict with yourself, to insist that whatever does not contribute to security and other long-term goals is trivial. Ambition is intensified.

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Progressed Moon into Aquarius
A sense of emotional coolness or detachment at the personal level, combined with an emphasis on idealism: such is the nature of the cycle you are now entering. It's ideas that count for you now, more than narrowly personal concerns - and you may have little tolerance for people who do not operate at this level. The new, the unusual, the avant garde - these are the things that instinctively appeal to you.

Progressed Moon into Pisces
Your life takes on a kind of mystical quality at the emotional and instinctive levels now. Dreams and illusions, forgiveness, and understanding human frailties: these things arouse deep feelings. The past and the future intermingle, and the barriers between people dissolve - there is the key to the greater psychic and spiritual sensitivity you feel now.

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Secondary Progressed Moon thru the Houses

Progressed Moon into First House
A strong need for nurturing is a bigger than usual element in your life now. You may feel the need to care for others or to have them care for you - perhaps on a public rather than private level. You have needs and you sense the needs of others: fitting the two together well makes it work.

Progressed Moon into Second House
A greater appreciation for things of value (and the idea of value itself) is in order now. This could be a period of great material gain; it is certainly a time when material things have a great deal of importance for you.

Progressed Moon into Third House
Obtaining and exchanging information takes on more emotional significance for you now. Being more involved with neighbors or siblings satisfies a deep emotional need. Communicating feelings becomes more important.

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Progressed Moon into Fourth House
A cycle of nostalgia and domesticity begins now emphasizing a need for security and a sense of roots. Family, home, relatives, and real estate play a bigger part in your life. You want to belong on a private, intimate, personal level... to be needed, and to feel it's okay to have needs.

Progressed Moon into Fifth House
Lovers, children, and other people or things dear to your heart are emphasized at this period in your life. Being appreciated and admired for your gifts and talents is a powerful need. Taking chances can bring big rewards.

Progressed Moon into Sixth House
An instinctive urge to get serious about taking care of yourself at many levels is emphasized now. Diet, exercise, and work somehow mean more now: you want to feel good about yourself and the way you do things.

Progressed Moon into Seventh House
Close relationships take on more emotional depth, power, and importance now. Feeling cared for and needed is comfortable; the lack of these things can cause an instinctive feeling of uneasiness. "No man is an island."

Progressed Moon into Eighth House
Sexual needs are just one of the life issues emphasized for you at this time. An instinctive imperative to be powerful and in control - pulling the strings, as it were - may lead to greater interest or experience in healing and investing, and in the great mysteries of life and death.

Progressed Moon into Ninth House
A yearning to broaden horizons and reach for the ultimate, a kind of spiritual wanderlust - that's the sort of thing that takes center stage in your life at a time like this. Law, politics, education, travel, religion: these are some of the areas where emotionally-charged drama will be played out.

Progressed Moon into Tenth House
A need to be respected is an emotionally charged issue in your life at this time. You develop a knack for organizing things and people, as a sense of ambition and practicality takes hold. Work, achievement, and ambition: these things mean a lot to you now.

Progressed Moon into Eleventh House
You draw emotional sustenance and a sense of security from ideals, friends, and social involvement now. There is a need for change, a desire to break with outmoded patterns from the past... a longing for the new, the different, the unique.

Progressed Moon into Twelfth House
Sympathy and understanding are emotional qualities that take on greater importance now. It's wisdom, not knowledge, that counts most. Coming to grips with the past or getting in touch with the mystical and the spiritual: these things give a sense of satisfaction and completeness.

These Progressed Moon aspect interpretations are from the Matrix Timeline transit and progression report.

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