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Esoteric Virgo: Your Love Quality

Becoming One with the Universal energy.

Do you remember Superman's voracious appetite for food? Well, no, he actually never ate food as Superman; what he ate was solar energy. It was his response to this solar energy that gave him his capacity to serve and love life.

As a Virgo, your sign is related to diet, nutrition, and service to life. It is through the food we eat that maintains our constitution, and through the right selection of these things that determine the fullness of our life. The body serves the spirit and as this awareness dawns more fully it begins to change the choices we make in supplying the body with the real nutrition that it needs.

When the illusion of separateness has been resolved (the critical faculty stopping it's criticism of self and others, as in the previous stages of development), then the Virgo phase is about filling the body with solar energy and seeing the radiant light in all that we see and do, including absorbing the radiant energy through what we eat. Everything is radiant energy including things that we classify as being "dead" food. It is the ability to combine the solar radiant energy taken in as prana in the air that we breathe with the solar substance of food. Seeing food as radiant is what attaches the prana energy to it, and this acts like a "grounding" foundation for more prana energy.

All food, in fact everything that we respond to through our senses is really crystallized light, and all light is really conscious radiant cosmic electricity. We are not only living within this light but assimilating it to transform our body to become more like it, not that the body can become fully like it, but so that the consciousness within the body can transfer it's sense of identity from being a body, to being a light body, consciously connected with all.

As we respond more and more to life being the handiwork of Solar energy, and us being the mediator or furnace for light's expression, we release the soul from the confinement of the body, and the Mercury of Gemini (discrimination), becomes the Mercury of Virgo (Mercury exalted in Virgo), touched by our own capacity to grow toward a more perfect state of being.

At a low vibrating level, Mercury is the ability to form value judgments about others, but even more detrimentally about ourselves and parts of our body (The prudish nature of Virgo), which blocks the divine from entering that area of the body and eventually causes health problems.

When we begin to comprehend the purity in this source of light, we can begin to let go of our false structures of error built around our response to being touched by this light.

The false ideas that have led to our sense of separateness is actually helping us to grow toward a more perfected state, and our criticism is a response that keeps that perfection hidden. It is only by experiencing life through a body can we become fully conscious or our divine nature, and it is only by responding to life as being conscious radiant energy crystallized into matter, can we begin to bring our perfection into true being, and that is - Heaven on Earth.

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