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Virgo Esoteric Astrology Correspondence

Esoteric Virgo: Your Key To Happiness

Pure Response: - your ultimate goal.

Pure Response is: - the mind purified of all personal criticism and for a Virgo, that is a difficult task, for the energy ruling Virgo is felt as purely critical - the process of categorizing in order to see the details, and focusing on the details usually means seeing the flaws.

Mercury - your ruling planet

Like all planets, Mercury has a dual quality.

The first quality is that it creates the mind chatter, the comparing and analyzing that looks for the imperfection that separates you from the experience. Imperfection is a personality trait not a divine trait, and choosing to see imperfection blocks the awareness of the divine.The imperfection is not in the object but in the personality, projected onto the object. Personality looks for the flaw in order to remain active, for without flaws, personality with its' continuous flaw finding judgment would be redundant. Everything is evolving toward perfection and personality focuses on one frame of a sequence of pictures, not the whole picture. And since personality perceives the flaws, the illusion strengthen its' existence, expressing as a fault finding judgmental character.

The second quality is the hope that the perceived imperfections will bring out an attitude of serving and loving life, where we can touch others with a giving capacity.The humility that this develops causes a turning inward, and here the force can be used for personal transformation. The transformation allows you to see that all is light and it can be molded to reflect its' perfect state. The transformation takes place within the body, eventually perfecting the state of human consciousness.

Saturn - your motivation.

Saturn, as the ruler of the next earth sign also has a dual quality in influencing your ultimate outcome as a human.
The first quality influences you to be responsible and practical in the way you use your mind, thereby increasing the focus but also increasing the judgment. But the more something is magnified the more easily it is to see the divine order - for it is in the details, right down in the cellular structure, where the workings of divine order take place. Seeing that perfection is the lesson of the Virgo - for the way in which you respond to the world determines how you perceive it.

Saturn's 'true' potential is the level of cosmic consciousness, where the critical faculty is turned off to let the perfection of the divine order shine through - it is there, but blocked by the impure response - until personality is developed enough to begin to see the perfection in the details, and grounding the divine in physicality thereby becoming a servant of the most high.

Venus - your good fortune.

Venus, the ruler of the next earth sign magnifies your desires and emotional propensities. Its dual influence causes the need for beauty and perfection physically and the need to resolve the impure perspective spiritually.

Its' beneficial influence expended merely physically can lead to distractions of all kinds - teaching, fixing, repairing, obsessing - all contributing to your 'critical fault finding' attitude.

Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a detached perspective, without the judgment - seeing the details as evolving to perfection and letting go of the need to fix anything but your own response. This allows you to share in the building of the divine realization that is already here now - just clouded by your imperfect response. Using your creative imagination to see everything as light, including the food you eat, begins to build a finer structure enabling it to attract higher vibrations which allow you to experience the divine glory here and now.

Exalted Planets:

Mercury is exalted in Virgo : When the intellect (Mercury) is purified of its' false judgment and incessant mind chatter it becomes a clear channel allowing the experience of the earth plane to be filled with 'light' glory, reversing the flow of intellect from being outwardly critical, to drawing down images that contribute to the building of a more receptive vehicle. And the more light, the more universal will power that can be used for the betterment of mankind. The more will power the greater the capacity to see heaven on earth now, thereby uniting the divine in physicality and releasing the soul from the imperfection of the body!

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