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#1: The Feeling

Esoteric Books- the FeelingStart by reading The Feeling, to vivify your inner healing power by using the ten spiritual exercises.

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#2: Love & Light

Esoteric Books- the FeelingThen read Love & Light, to attune with the Cosmic Mother by using the ten additional exercises.

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#3: Conjugial Love

Esoteric Books- the FeelingFinally, read Conjugial Love, to practice the art of projecting mutual love - and thereby, heal thyself.

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#4: Timeless Life

Esoteric Books- the FeelingNow read Timeless Life, to have an out-of-body Samadhi experience of feeling Infinite and Eternal,

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#5: The Great Work

Esoteric Books- the FeelingLastly read The Great Work, to develop your intuition and discover the happiness and delight from doing what is good.

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#6: Seaweed Books

Esoteric Books- the FeelingFor improved health and nutrition, read The Seaweed Jelly-Diet and The Seaweed Beauty Guide.

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Spiritual Development

The Feeling

This book is an esoteric interpretation of spiritual writings. An introduction to the experience of an influx of Conjugial Love.
- Happiness, Spiritual Development

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The Feeling
ISBN#: 9781365978340 Print/9781365978401 Ebook/Kindle $3.70

Love & Light

This book examines concepts of heaven and hell from an esoteric perspective: as a spiritual Feeling - the language of the subconscious mind.
- Spiritual Development, Self-help

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Love & Light
ISBN#: 9781365979712 Print/9781365979729 Ebook/Kindle $3.70

Conjugial Love:
Our Path of Return.

Conjugial Love is an esoteric feeling that results from uniting the celestial Heat and the spiritual Light as the Soul.
- Self-help, Spirituality, Numerology

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Conjugial LOve
ISBN#: 9780359479634 Print/9780359487936 Ebook/Kindle $3.70

Timeless Life:
The 365 Day Self-improvement Plan

If you can visualize the perfect body ... the feeling will accomplish the rest! Timeless Life is both a diet and a spiritual discovery.
- Goal Setting, Diet, Manifest Love, Astrology

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Timeless Life
ISBN#: 9781678115142 Print/9781678117535 Ebook/Kindle $3.70

The Great Work:
Obtaining Inner Power and Virtue.

Discover the happiness and delight from doing what is good, and become free from the pain and suffering of the mass-mind.
- Spiritual development, Self-improvement

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The Great Work
ISBN#: 9781794864535 Print/9781794899407 Ebook/Kindle $3.70

Health & Beauty

The Seaweed Beauty Guide:
Luxurious, Homemade, Ph-balanced Skin-Care

Simply natural seaweed recipes beyond anything your skin has ever felt - a ph-balanced connection to the universe.
- Beauty Products, Esoteric Herbal Treatments

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The Seaweed Beauty Guide
ISBN#: 9780557237821 Print/9781300253174 Ebook/Kindle $3.70

The Seaweed Jelly-Diet Cookbook Guide: Simply Gourmet!
Luxurious, Homemade, Ph-balanced Skin-Care

Discover the Secrets to Savory Flavors, Creamy Textures, and Nutritional Weight Loss - Naturally!
The Diet to End World Hunger!
- Nutritional Diet, Cookery, Health

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Seaweed Jelly-Diet Cookbook Guide
ISBN#: 9781435737969 Print/9781257634101 Ebook/Kindle $3.70

Astrology Reports: Discontinued

Astro*Talk $10.

Astrology reports

Discover the truth about yourself through an AstroTalk Natal Report, one of the finest astrological horoscopes ever written. Includes a free Natal Chart!

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TimeLine $13.

AstroTalk reports

Transit & Progressions Report: After you've come to understand your natal chart, the next thing you'll ask is: what's happening now, and what's in my future?

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Friends & Lovers $15.

Friends or Lovers report

One of the first questions anyone asks of a astrologer is: Is this person right for me? Find out in a Friends or Lovers Report and get two Designer Wheels free!

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Astrology Calendars: Discontinued

Astro*Calendar $15.

Daywatch Astrological Calendars

Personalized Daywatch Monthly Calendar - Transit to Natal and Transit to Transit in symbol format.
Sample Monthly Format

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Astro*Diary $15.

Daywatch Astrological Calendars

Personalized Daywatch Weekly Calendar - Transit to Natal and Transit to Transit in symbol format.
Sample Weekly Format

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Astro*Guidance $15.

Monthly details Astrological Calendarsmini-calendarDaywatch Details Interpretive Report - Tra to Na & Tra to Tra. Includes aMini Calendar. Formats: Daily Starting with the Sun (60 pgs.) or Hourly Moon (300 pgs.)

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