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Clayten Tylor, Certified Esoteric Astrologer

Esoteric Astrologer Clayten is Certified in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Western Tradition.

NOTE: My Astrology Reports are discontinued.
Presently I am retired, however, my books about Astrology, Numerology and Spiritual development are available - if that interests you.

If so, start by reading The Feeling, to vivify your inner healing power. Then Love & Light, to attune with the Cosmic Mother, to let Her do the work. Then, Conjugial Love, to practice the art of projecting mutual love - and thereby heal thyself. Then finally, you will be ready for the Timeless Life, the Samadhi experience of feeling Infinite and Eternal. I call these four books the Swedenborg series, only because they contain some religious quotes, which we need in order to guide us on this inner journey to feel loved from within.

My other books: The Seaweed Beauty Guide makes a great home-craft project, which could become a beauty business. Or, if you like to cook, the Seaweed Jelly-Diet adds a small amount of pureed Kelp as fibre to improve the taste, texture and nutritional value of all of your recipes - an idea that could End World Hunger! I call it the Yummy Diet!

Clayten is Certified by B.O.T.A. (A 12-year Certification Course).
Esoteric Astrology Readings"B.O.T.A., Builders of The Adytum is considered the university level of esoteric teaching and training systems in the world." It is a Modern Mystery School. Its ultimate purpose is to hasten the true Brotherhood of mankind, to make manifest the truth that Love is the only real power in the universe.

What is Esoteric Astrology?

Vancouver Astrologer Esoteric Astrology - is Self-Improvement Astrology
"If you have ever balanced a stone on its side, you know the exact moment of balance - the experience is magical, life changing - you never forget it!"

Esoteric Astrology Definition: "Interpretations are based upon the assumption that the developed individual is able to exercise self-determination and volition, and to render himself immune to the harmful effects of astrological influences by transmuting them into a source of power." — (Nicholas de Vore's Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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