Speaking Positive Affirmations

Speaking Positive Affirmations

Mind Chatter: Speaking Positive Affirmations

All thought is an Affirmation - not just the spoken word.

Positive Affirmations are things

Speaking Positive Affirmations are a powerful tool for manifesting your desires, or making deep psychological changes to your personality. The subconscious mind is open to any suggestion and will manifest whatever you tell it.  In fact, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality or suggestions - so it processes suggestions (or affirmations) as being real, and then goes about initiating magical processes that actualize those affirmations, whether speaking positive affirmations, or fearful thoughts and mind chatter.

The Four Principles of Positive Affirmations

  1. Concentration :
    Speaking Positive Affirmations, begins with becoming aware of your thoughts as the first step.  Sometimes thoughts are cloaked in "feelings" and these also need to be recognized in order to stop the negative process so that you can begin to use positive affirmations.
  2. Meditation : 
    After "awareness" has stopped the negative process, attunement with the "truth" can be established and you can begin by Speaking Positive Affirmations. (The "truth" usually being the complete opposite (180 degrees) of the negative thoughts or feelings.) The "truth" is we are Divine, and any negative self-talk or suggestion is clearly false, and requires a change of perspective to correct. Reach for the truth!
  3. Visualization :
    Now every time you catch yourself dwelling on negative thoughts, begin to replace the negative thought or feeling by Speaking Positive Affirmations. Say them to yourself silently - and "feel" the truth.
  4. Adoration :
    Bring Positive Affirmations into your day to day activities - speaking positive affirmations to yourself out loud. Say them into a mirror, "You are gorgeous!"

For most positive affirmations, what is required is to analyze the negative thoughts, to find their absolute opposite. This might take some work such as with quitting smoking you need to say "I don't smoke!" Or with loosing weight, "I'm not hungry, my sustenance is spiritual food." Truth is always spiritual and unless you spiritualize it with the light (reason) of truth, as an affirmation, it has no power.

  • Where is the power?
    With Speaking Positive Affirmations the power is in the words. Words are a vibration that manifest and hold together forms. The Logos is the Word and we are co-creators - how you mediate between the world of thought and the world of form is measured by how you use Positive Affirmations to become "more than human."
  • Where is the Inspiration?
    The inspiration is the creative muse, a level of consciousness known as imagination. Imagination is a level of higher mind - beyond mind chatter, clear - beyond ego. You can access your creative power only if you go clear, with no ego. The only way to go clear is to be inspired. Most humans are so jaded that we have lost our ability to be awestruck, to be inspired, to be lifted up out of our misery - and Speaking Positive Affirmations is the way.
  • Where is the demonstration?
    (Swedenborg says that God does not answer prayers for anything but for spiritual things, like patience, understanding, or forgiveness, etc.) Therefore a demonstration can not be seen by anyone but you. The demonstration cannot be the goal, but the prayer for strength to overcome will be answered. Faith is the demonstrationby Speaking Positive Affirmations.

Speaking Positive Affirmations strengthens the power within. The power is brought to awareness through inspiration, which is Speaking Positive Affirmations. The inspiration causes a demonstration of faith. With faith we are not afraid to act - and all our actions are successful - whether you win or lose, using Positive Affirmations, increase spiritual power within.

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