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Certified Esoteric Consultant

Presently, I am a writer, but previously a Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Business and Personal Development Consultant, Numerologist, and Mystic.

I worked as a personal and business development consultant in Vancouver, B.C., since 1994; and as a Certified Esoteric Astrologer since 2002, helping thousands of clients improve their lives.

I began to study Astrology as a hobby when I was a teenager, taking classes and studying the Natal Charts of friends. When I was twenty years old, I bought into two clothing stores, Beau Brummel Boutiques, with three other business partners.

Clayten at 20At that time I began to study metaphysics, to deepen my understanding of the spiritual/psychic world. I joined the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC to obtain entry into their Inner Mystery School.

During the mid 1980's, for ten years during Expo 86, I owned The Queen Elizabeth Theatre Restaurant that included the liquor and food concessions in two Civic Theatres. I had about sixty employees, and it was the only profitable period in the sixty-five year history of the Vancouver Civic Theatres; and they continue to lose money, even today.

Yet, still searching, I began an 8-year course with the International College of Esoteric Studies for an honorary Master of Sacred Science, and a Doctor of Divinity.

Later during the late 1980's I began to study Numerology with the Kabbalarian Society, eventually enrolling in B.O.T.A., Builders of The Adytum, for an additional 18-year course on the Mystical Qabalah, Esoteric Astrology, Gematria (numerology), Sound and Color, Spiritual healing, Occult Psychology, Tarot, psycho-spiritual counseling, and the Holy Qabalah. After a 12-year certification course and several spiritual experiences that changed my life, I obtained my credentials as a Certified Esoteric Astrologer.

In 2002, I became a business and personal development consultant for the next fifteen years, with about a thousand clients. During that time I also wrote an Astrology column for a local newspaper for three years.

Eventually, I began to study Christian Mysticism for ten years privately with a female friend who was a Lutheran Minister. I also joined a local Swedenborg study group, in order to deepen my understanding of the religious concepts of faith and love from a spiritual perspective.

At seventy, my ultimate search for Truth, coupled with a varied background, which includes thirty-six years of courses in Ancient Wisdom Teachings (equivalent to four PhD's), makes me well-qualified to write about Esoteric and New Thought "Religion." I have been writing books on advanced spiritual development and self-improvement for the last fifteen years. Most of my books were written, guided by my dreams. Mostly, mystical books about the Divine, and It's Presence in the physical body as a spiritual Feeling.

Qualifications & Experience

Occult Psychology ~ Esoteric Astrology (12 Yrs. Certified Esoteric Astrologer) ~ Metaphysics (10 Yrs.) ~ Alchemy (8 Yrs.) ~ Western Esotericism ~ Sacred Science ~ Numerology Life-Cycle Management Kabbalarian Training Certificate - Gematria ~ Contemporary Spirituality ~ Mystical Qabalah ~ Tarot ~ Mysticism ~ Dream Interpretation ~ Meditation ~ Color & Sound Therapy ~ Energy Balancing ~ Spiritual Healing ~ Transpersonal Religious Experiences.

Clayten has thirty-five years experience with Relationship Compatibility ~ Psycho-Spiritual Counseling ~ Mid-Life Crisis Issues ~ Grief ~ Stress ~ Spiritual Guidance ~ Self-Help ~ Emotional Dependency ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Fear ~ Self Esteem ~ Coaching ~ Nutrition ~ Diet ~ Career ~ Life Changes ~ Business & Investments ~ Goal Setting ~ Career Guidance ~ Self-healing.

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