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Certified Esoteric Consultant

Presently, I am a writer, but previously a Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Business and Personal Development Consultant, Numerologist, and Mystic.

I worked as a personal and business development consultant in Vancouver, B.C., since 1994; and as a Certified Esoteric Astrologer since 2002, helping thousands of clients from all over the world improve their lives, including business development consulting to clients of tech businesses.

After graduating from high school I spent a year and a half in Europe, and when I returned I began to study Astrology as a hobby, taking classes and studying the Natal Charts of friends. At twenty-one years old, I bought into a chain of clothing stores, Beau Brummel Boutiques, with three other business partners. Clayten at 20At that time I began to study metaphysics, and joined the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC for ten + years.

During the 1980's, still bored, I began designing and contracting renovations on private homes and many popular local restaurants and nightclubs. It resulted in me owning The Queen Elizabeth Theatre Restaurant that included managing the City of Vancouver's liquor and food concessions in two Civic Theatres for ten years during Expo 86. I had about sixty employees, and it was the only profitable period in the entire sixty-five year history of the Vancouver Civic Theatres.

Yet, still searching, I began an 8-year course with the International College of Esoteric Studies for an honorary Master of Sacred Science, and a Doctor of Divinity, taking my vows in 1994.

Later during the late 1990's I began to study Numerology with the Kabbalarian Society, eventually enrolling in B.O.T.A., Builders of The Adytum, for an additional 18-year course on the Mystical Qabalah, Esoteric Astrology, Gematria (numerology), Sound and Color, Spiritual healing, Occult Psychology, Tarot, psycho-spiritual counseling, and the Holy Qabalah. After a 12-year certification course and several spiritual experiences,I obtained my credentials as a Certified Esoteric Astrologer.

In 2002, I became a business and personal development consultant for the next fifteen years, with about a thousand clients. During that time I also wrote an Astrology column for a local newspaper for three years.

Eventually, I began to study Christian Mysticism for ten years privately with a female friend who was a Lutheran Minister. I also joined a local Swedenborg study group, to deepen my understanding of the religious concepts of faith and love from a spiritual perspective.

At seventy-two, on my Seaweed Jelly-diet, I have not been sick a day, or to a doctor in thirty-five years. My ultimate search for Truth, coupled with a varied background, which includes thirty-six years of courses in Ancient Wisdom Teachings (equivalent to four PhD's), makes me well-qualified to write about Esoteric and New Thought "Religion." I have been writing books on advanced spiritual development and self-improvement for the last fifteen years. Most of my books were written, guided by my dreams. Mostly, mystical books about the Divine, and It's Presence in the physical body as a spiritual Feeling.

Qualifications & Experience

Occult Psychology ~ Esoteric Astrology (12 Yrs. Certified Esoteric Astrologer) ~ Metaphysics (10 Yrs.) ~ Alchemy (8 Yrs.) ~ Western Esotericism ~ Sacred Science ~ Numerology Life-Cycle Management Kabbalarian Training Certificate - Gematria ~ Contemporary Spirituality ~ Mystical Qabalah ~ Tarot ~ Mysticism ~ Dream Interpretation ~ Meditation ~ Color & Sound Therapy ~ Energy Balancing ~ Spiritual Healing ~ Transpersonal Religious Experiences.

Clayten has thirty-five years consulting experience with Relationship Compatibility ~ Psycho-Spiritual Counseling ~ Mid-Life Crisis Issues ~ Grief ~ Stress ~ Spiritual Guidance ~ Self-Help ~ Emotional Dependency ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Fear ~ Self Esteem ~ Coaching ~ Nutrition ~ Diet ~ Career ~ Life Changes ~ Business & Investments ~ Goal Setting ~ Career Guidance ~ Self-healing.

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