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Available in Three Formats:
1) One Month per Page - Daily Transits (& Lunations)
2) One Year per Page - Major Transits (& Progressions)

3) Ten Yrs per Page- LifeScan: Major Transits (& Progressions)

* Election Strategy * Partnership Analysis * Event Planning * Compatibility Cycles

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1) Daily Transits Comparison Report

Daily Transits & Lunation's Comparison Report - One Month per Page astrology comparison weekly calendar

syncronized charts reports

12 Month Report: $20
24 Month Report: $25
36 Month Report: $30

* Includes all transits (except transiting Moon, which is conjunctions only), * House position of transiting Sun and Moon * Mercury Retrograde and stationary direct dates. * lunation cycles.

This Search Report is a Two-Chart Transit and Lunation's Comparison report . It is a highly detailed report for overall transits to your natal chart. All transiting planet aspects to natal planets in easy symbol format. Placidus house system.

View PDF Sample Transits Barack Obama & Mitt Romney.pdf

2) Major Transits Comparison Report

Major Transits and Progressions Comparison Report - One Year per Page Astrological Comparison barack-mitt Calendars

syncronized charts barack-mitt reports

10 Year Report: $20
20 Year Report: $25
30 Year Report: $30

* Includes all transits beginning with Mars.* Sabian Symbol for the Progressed Sun * House position for Progressed Moon and transiting Saturn.

What is included: Aspects, sign/house changes and stations from transiting Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Progressions, using all planets and aspects.
What's not included:
Events of transiting Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus.
What makes the Major Transit & Progressions report special:
One year per page.
Please specify start date. Otherwise this Report begins on the Birth Year of the oldest person of the two charts. Placidus house system.

View PDF Sample Major Transits Barack Obama & Mitt Romney.pdf

3) LifeScan: Major Transits Comparison Report

Major Transits and Progressions Comparison Report - Ten Years per Page lifescan transit and progressions report

LifeScan Reports

  50 Year Report: $20
100 Year Report: $30

* Includes all transits beginning with Saturn. * All progressed aspects beginning with Moon.* Includes Sabian Symbol for the Progressed Sun * House position for Progressed Moon and transiting Saturn * Choose start Date, Past, Present, or Future.

View PDF Sample LifeScan Transits & Progression
for Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

requires residence location

Residence location & start date required for this report : Be sure to fill in the Residence Location & the Start Date on the Order Form.

About: Transits

The passage of a planet past another planet or point point or position. The daily motion of the planets, usually compared to the planets in a birth chart. Just as an urban transit system conveys people to and from jobs and meetings, the planets convey their influence to the other planets. (-Matrix Software, Astro*Index )

About: Secondary Progressions

A method of progression based on the formula "1 day equates to 1 year." Thus the positions of the planets 22 days after birth are related to the 22nd year of the person's life. (-Matrix Software, Astro*Index)

Secondary Progressions

Zodiacal aspects formed by the orbital motions of the planets on successive days after birth, each day accounted the equivalent of one year of life. Aspects are calculated to the birth positions of the luminaries, planets and angles, and mutual aspects are formed between the progressed planets. The application of this system of forecasting future conditioning that may be expected to crystallize in events, involves the directing of the Midheaven, Ascendant and the Sun by their natural progress in the heavens after birth. The Sun and the Midheaven progress at an average rate of 59'08" per day (the so-called "Naibod Arc"), to form aspects to the radical positions of the planets, while the planets move at varying rates to form aspects to the radical positions of the Significators. The most dependable factor in Secondary Progressions is the advancing of the progressed Moon, forming aspects to the radical and progressed places of the planets and to the places of the Significators, which are interpreted according to the places in which the aspects fall by Sign and House.

With specific reference to the progressions of the Moon it is generally considered: that such aspects produce strong though gradual effects of about one month's duration; that the month when the progressed Moon is approaching a square to her own radical place is generally marked by accidents and infirmities, the next preceding semi-square usually giving an indication of the nature of the crisis or physical ailment that can be expected to develop; that trine and sextile aspects of the transitory and of the progressed Moon to the radical Moon generally outline favorable days and months; and that square and opposition aspects also strongly influence and that adversely, forming critical periods around the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day and year.

In general it is held that directions act in terms of the Radix and that when the Nativity is unfortunate no favorable direction can have the same efficacy as an adverse one; and vice versa when the Nativity is fortunate. In other words, the accidental good cannot overcome the radical evil. (v. Radix System.)

The revised Sepharial Dictionary defines Secondary Progressions somewhat misleadingly as those based upon the progress of the Moon in the zodiac. However, the aspects formed by the Moon in the Secondary system are important, and some authorities hold that unless they are of the same nature as the Primary Directions, hence tend to strengthen their operation, the primary directions will have little effect; but when they do coincide, a decided influence will be traceable in the life of the person whose chart is under con. sideration. According to this a Primary Direction would not func- tion until such time as the progressed Moon forms an aspect of a similar nature. v. Directions.

In calculating Progressions by the system of taking the positions of the planets as given in the Ephemeris for the next day following birth, as the equivalent of their progressed positions at the end of the first year of life, use may be made of this table:

day =1 year
hours =1 month
30 minutes =1 week
04 minutes =1 day
minutes =6 hours
10 seconds=1 hour
second =6 minutes

(-Nicholas de Vore's Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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